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This probably isn't GDPR compliant. (Light swearing) 

Hey @switchingsocial
Do you have any suggestion of a good galery app for Android?
Bonus points if it's available on f-droid.

In case it's not clear what software I'm talking about, is this one ->

I'm considering a refactoring on adriconf to make it more testable.
In this effort, I also intend to improve the UI.
Should I drop GTK and start using KDE?

False, false, false.

Unix time is the number of seconds since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UTC

If I wait exactly one second, Unix time advances by exactly one second

Unix time can never go backwards

Hey @dansup
Do you have any clear hardware requirements to run a pixelfed instance?
Like, how much RAM and storage should I expect to need for a instance of 100 users?

"XML is a classic political compromise: it balances the needs of man and machine by being equally unreadable to both"

-- Matthew Might

I finally managed to put my hands on my new @tuxedocomputers computer.
It is amazing!!
Incredible fast and the building of the machine is very nice.

Really happy with it.



My kid is gaming with friends so I brought him a snack and he says, "Thanks, Love you" then laughter erupts on the headset and he goes, "What? You don't love your mothers? I'm sad for you." so if you need me I'll just be over here sobbing into my worlds best mom ribbon.

Very unhappy with @tuxedocomputers

I'm now over one week without hearing anything from my order 🙄
Even after writing an email and asking for a status I got nothing.

speaking to misbehaving divs 

Just saw an interesting post from a major cosmetics manufacturer:

"An audit of our social content and strategy demonstrated that on average, only 6% of our followers are serviced with our content in their newsfeed because we don’t pay to play. "

...they have millions of followers on Facebook etc, but almost no one sees their posts.

Their response is to try promoting their own websites instead of ad-based third parties'.

(Article name is a coincidence!)


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