Two months ago we announced a first proposal for a #Wayland driver for Wine. Here's an update on this effort, with support for new features including copy/paste, drag-and-drop and for changing the display mode! #Wine #Linux #OpenSource

Please remember: functional cookies (login session, shopping carts) do not need user consent. So every time you see one of this oversized cookie banners someone is trying (often through dark patterns) to make you accept the whole tracking and spying as well. Don't be mad at the legislative for creating the need for tracking consent. Be mad at the websites that are trying to stir you up against that law by annoying you with those banners.

@joeligj12 if you are able to host something else, I would recommend Matomo. It's open source and has the same features as Google Analytics.

Hey fediverse, can anyone recommend a CI server that is open source?
I'm looking into replacing my current Jenkins setup with something lighter and maybe more modern UI.

"What happens if malicious code is uploaded to npm under these names? Is it possible that some of PayPal’s internal projects will start defaulting to the new public packages instead of the private ones?"

"For instance, the main culprit of Python dependency confusion appears to be the incorrect usage of an “insecure by design” command line argument called --extra-index-url."

#security #infosec #programming

Omgomgomg this is /so cool/ By brushing thin planks of wood with hydrogen peroxide, leaving it out in the sun, then infusing it with an epoxy, scientists have made wood as transparent as glass in a technique so easy and cheap you could DIY this stuff.

At least ( is open about the GPL/copyleft being their real problem with Elastic's changes, and how what they really want is for their users to continue violating your freedom.

@jwildeboer totally agree. EU should force the patents to be released. Public money, public property.

There is no shortage of takes about what's going on with Gamestop (and other surging stocks), Robinhood and Reddit's r/wallstreetbets, many of them contradictory - at least on the face of them. But I think it's possible for most of these takes to be right. Here's how.

First you need to understand the underlying mechanics of the story. Stock markets are fundamentally a way of making bets, including bets on the outcome of other peoples' bets, and bets on the outcomes of *those* bets.


Right-wing party wants a feminist mural removed, people say "no":

This is the standard right-wing playbook: claim that whatever they don't like is "political", and insist that "political" things should not be part of whatever space they are concerned about in the moment.

The answer is not to argue whether or not a particular thing is political, but to say "damn straight it's political" and not budge an inch on having it included in a given space.

Please stop handing Google your users' data by using Google Forms. There's a fine alternative: Nextcloud Forms! Keep your data on your own server. #privacy #GDPR

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