Can you please elaborate more on your experience?
What was the main decision driver? What kind of values you where breaking that bothered you?

Hey fediverse,

Does anybody here runs DOH (DNS over Https) in a self hosted server?
What stack are you using? (For the server DNS and for the client/browser).


so EU politicians are sold out to Facebook & Google. How cute. Imagine my shock.

Germany approves Gpg4KDE and Gpg4win for the transmission and processing of National Classified Information: KMail and Kleopatra are officially deemed secure for the transmission of confidential state messages.


Following up on that: does @nextcloud Talk federates with other instances?
Also, is it E2E encrypted?

I checked tox.
The UI seems very basic to me. But still an option to be considered.

Can you elaborate?
I want to better understand the pros and cons of each technology.

Hey fediverse,
Do we have any instant messaging application that offers the following?
- E2E encryption (preferably ON by default)
- open source (both client and server, so I can self host)
- Federated, so I can talk with people in other servers
- Offers an Android client

I'm currently stuck with WhatsApp and all alternatives I see are closed source or don't federate.

I was thinking today if this was supported by nextcloud. Thanks for the tipp, really good.

RT @washingtonpost@twitter.com

The CIA — in partnership with West German intelligence — secretly owned a Swiss company, Crypto AG, that sold rigged encryption devices to 120 countries.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/washingtonpost/sta

Good tall by the way.
Hopefully openPush will get adopted widely and we can get rid of Google.

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