Doing some c++ for fun today.
I'm impressed with how horrible my current from two years ago is.
Time to refactor and add some unit tests 😊

This seems amazing!
Is this new office also for software development?

Well,we have @oktadev in Mastodon. I use their software and can definitely say they are successful at building good stuff.

This article has a point. End to end encryption is meaningless if the clients come with build in surveillance backdoors. "The Encryption Debate Is Over - Dead At The Hands Of Facebook."

I bought a @tuxedocomputers laptop and the hardware works like a charm. I would highly recommend getting one. They are a bit expensive, but this is because the specs are also a bit higher.

my girlfriend

just used sed

to process an audio file

"After a month of heavy use, I'm really happy with the system. I got exactly what I asked for, and everything works perfectly."

@RGBes tells about his experiences with TUXEDO: #Review

A nice reading and very good position.
I like their position.

I visited Potsdam this weekend and really fell in love for it.
Which makes me wonder: why is so dirty and bad?

How bad it is to have a database table with more than 100 columns?
I mean, the database server supports it, but is this fine?

This seems completely stupid, not to mention that it appears like fraud.

The tracking without consent is illegal in Europe. So if you are European and discover they have data about you, you can sue them. It's called GDPR.

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