Sometimes life force you to stop one project in order to start a new one.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have lunch with Anne-Marie Descôtes the Ambassador of France to Germany at the Embassy. We discussed Open Source, Digital Sovereignty and the agenda of the French EU presidency.

Welcome Jason Ekstrand! Super happy to have you on board to keep on making Mesa3D and the entire #OpenSource graphics ecosystem better every year!

@gudenau Curious to read this kind of thing after so many people praising Rust as the next revolution in low-level programming.

@CodingItWrong maybe try installing uMatrix and block the desired domains there. I think this will be enough.

Another alternative is to setup a pihole device and do blocking at DNS level. This will be more effective and you can temporarily unblock the needed domains when you want.

kubernetes has two moods: "wow this is really nice I can orchestrate huge changes safely and it's all very easy to keep track of" and "i wish only for the death of modern enterprise computing and the ability to run into the woods to live as a hermit, living off the land, forever free from this torment"

New NFT things: , (on blue bird @BabySongbirds ).

Don't buy them: it infringes my moral right ( and they added CC-By compliance just now after fans noticed.

You can collect same pictures here for free with better quality:

RT @maxschrems
We unfortunately had to file a #criminal report with the Corruption Prosecutor (WKStA), following @DPCIreland's "procedural blackmail" - demanding @noybeu to sign an "NDA" (in DPC's and Facebook's favor) in exchange for our procedural rights.. 😑


@andrioid i usually put them on ~/Development/

So I can separate what is dev stuff from photos and other stuff

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