I need to buy a new computer for more intensive workloads.
Tell me fediverse: Where die you bought your last computer in Germany?

Small correction: Where "did" you bought.
Nobody is supposed to die here, hahaha :blobpats:

Thanks for all the suggestions folks. Much appreciated

@aral @jlhertel Actually, I built my last computer from single parts. But my notebook is from @tuxedocomputers and I am very content!

@jlhertel in case you start considering expanding the geo-restrictions: =)

@jlhertel I bought the last one at Alternate. Like it because I can configure exactly what I need.

@jlhertel I build all desktop systems myself. Always have, so I buy whatever makes sense and is listed on

@jlhertel I used to work at this small independent computer store, I get most of the things there _to this day_.
Hardware will be the same regardless where you buy it*, so you can either go for the best price or for "which business do you want to support".

If you need assistance in configuring the machine, please buy with a company that put effort in helping you configure the machine. Because that service takes knowledge and time.

*) except for fraud, of course, but IMO that's pretty rare.

@jlhertel I bought mine at - they are specialized on laptops (especially ThinkPads) with a student discount. But they do have non-student laptops and desktops as well. They can even provide upgrades (RAM/SSD, etc.) before shipping. I have bought three computers there over the years, and I'm very happy with them.

@jlhertel Other than that one special store, I will always look at these shops, that I all ordered from a few times before:

* and

Alternate in particular has a nice "configure your own machine" thing.

The Alternate Configurator is pretty good indeed, especially regarding compatibility of Mainboard/CPU and power requirement for the PSU. Their service is mostly okay.

In case some price comparison website favours Mindfactory: I've had a support nightmare with them, with many very unprofessional (sometimes directly insulting) mails received over several months and them refusing to replace components on warranty. It's a few years ago now but I'm avoiding them ever since.

@jlhertel If you want GNU/Linux preloaded, look here:

I recommend buying one with an AMD Ryzen CPU.

@jlhertel My Tuxedo Pulse 14 should arrive on Tuesday, looking forward!

@jlhertel For a (3) second hand Thinkpad(s) I used which for Germany seems to have more people offering stuff than the normal ebay.

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