Hey fediverse,
Do we have any instant messaging application that offers the following?
- E2E encryption (preferably ON by default)
- open source (both client and server, so I can self host)
- Federated, so I can talk with people in other servers
- Offers an Android client

I'm currently stuck with WhatsApp and all alternatives I see are closed source or don't federate.

Following up on that: does @nextcloud Talk federates with other instances?
Also, is it E2E encrypted?

doesnt tox do this? i would look around the f-droid repositories since im pretty sure there is at least one there that does it.

I checked tox.
The UI seems very basic to me. But still an option to be considered.

np. i use alternativeto to find a lot of clients like that so scour there too if u need to. thanks for taking my advice into consideration. best of luck.

Can you elaborate?
I want to better understand the pros and cons of each technology.

@jlhertel it's slow and unreliable. Just look up riot matrix on search engines
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