The company that i work for, finally decided to add Matrix to their selling communication services, i'm really proud about that, something is changing 😍

The german newspaper #handelsblatt just published an article talking about open source alternatives to Slack, Microsoft, Trello and Zoom.

It recommends Riot, Nextcloud, and Jitsi. And I think that's great, because it brings those tools towards business people and mainstream. :blobfox:

🤯 Our latest Android app introduces a often requested feature: ability to auto-upload previously taken images in a folder! That, plus conflict management, smart out-of-space handling and more - in 3.11. Get it now!

I’ve written a basic intro on how to read RSS in 2020, with some recommendations for feed readers.

(I started writing this a few weeks ago, but now might just be a great time to curate the news you want, and filter out the needlessly overwhelming stuff.)

Some queries have less than 2 minutes of difference each other. They also come from the same computer, so I guess the desktop client has some bug/lack of DNS cache.

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Installed 2 weeks ago and I'm checking my traffic. So far it seems most of the dangerous stuff is blocked.
Now for some reason the top queried domain is my nextcloud server. :thaenkin:

I'm using for the past couple of days an old ear phone for meetings in the work Windows laptop.
Today I remembered that I have a super fancy USB headset and decided to use it.
Believe me or not, the microphone wasn't working. After 10 mins struggling I gave up.

In it simply works. :awesome:

Hey fediverse,

Did you started your software development career in one language (eg: Java) and then later changed to a different one (eg: Python)?

How was your experience doing that?
How did you manage to find a job for a language which you don't have much experience with?

Bonus points if it's in an open source friendly area.
Even more points if it's with C++, which I'm a fan of.

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I'm very bored of doing web development and am looking into moving to some other area of software development.
Maybe Linux kernel, maybe compilers or even game development.

Has anyone any good hint on how to find which of those I will most like?

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