Want to use a link shortener on #Mastodon?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )


Does your school give the data of your children to a random cloud provider in another country? Or does it what the capital of Switzerland does for its 35.000 students, keeping their data safe and secure in their own #nextcloud?


Apparently, at least some plants can process sounds to a degree that they noticeably sweeten their nectar if they hear a nearing bee (in under three minutes, which is quite fast).

Some also produce noise (very high-pitched, not fit for human hearing), and you can differentiate healthy from dry/damaged plants by their noise.

Cool! theatlantic.com/science/archiv

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

Tá na hora de criarem leis mais rígidas. A começar pelos contratos onde apenas eles se beneficiam e se não concordar não usa.

Usuários da não estão conseguindo deletar o dos telefones t.co/vMTAKTrQEV

Cool, I got blocked by Aral Balkan for telling them that HTTP/2 server push wasn't forced. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

radar.squat.net is an alternative and radical events agenda. It lists events at autonomous and community spaces that are generally either free or entry on donation

It would be great to see more events from other places around the world listed.


#squattheplanet #freespaces #radar

*please boost for visibility*

Thank you, thank you, thank you @aral for writing this:


#Google #Facebook #Apple #Amazon are such benevolent do-gooders for us all. #SurveillanceCapitalism is a ruse. It had to be said, and we can't thank #FAANG enough for the great stuff they do for #humanity /s

Let's thank them on #HackerNews before the entry leaves the front page:


"Have you considered activating Google Analytics to monitor traffic on your websi.." absolutely fucking not

So you are promoting open source and moving away from for-profit companies but then you sell a solution for those problems.
Isn't this "selling protection" the mafia way of doing things?
How much morale can you have to criticize those companies when you are also trying to profit out of it?

Hey @rysiek
Whats up with your website?
Is it supposed to have no action when you click the buttons (like content and about)?

wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

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