#nextcloud includes several password checks, including one against the #haveIBeenPwned database by @troyhunt@twitter.com which will protect your users from choosing bad or obvious passwords...
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I wonder what's his password. @troyhunt@twitter.com

Sehr gut: Der Europ盲ische Datenschutzausschuss hat sehr klare Statements zur Nutzung von Daten 眉ber W盲hlerInnen durch Parteien und zur Notwendigkeit einer starken ePrivacy-Verordnung beschlossen. Texte folgen nach 脺bersetzung und Freigabe


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Fascinating little life hack, for doing percentages:

x% of y = y% of x

So, for example, if you needed to work out 4% of 75 in your head, just flip it and and do 75% of 4, which is easier.

Als deutsche Delegation haben wir bei der #ICIC2019 (Internationale Konferenz der Informationsfreiheitsbeauftragten) eine Resolution eingebracht, Transparenz und Informationsfreiheit bei Algorithmen und Machine Learning zu gew盲hrleisten

MicroUI Update:

After careful consideration, we have decided that this new and exciting UI will be spun out as a separate Pixelfed Labs project.

This means you will be able to self host just this UI and use it with Pixelfed, Mastodon, Pleroma and other mastodon api compatible projects much like Pinafore and Halcyon!

#pixelfed #microUI

The other good part of this, is that I discovered that mesa needs to be always compiled with -DUSE_DRICONF otherwise my software fails.

Two days ago I received this bug report: github.com/jlHertel/adriconf/i
I tried in many ways to reproduce it, but without success. Instead of just closing it as not reproducible, I gave the user the benefit of doubt, and at the end found two real bugs on my software.
So the lesson is: don't be an asshole of you can't reproduce an error, maybe there is really something wrong.

"Facebook has targeted politicians around the world 鈥 including the former UK chancellor, George Osborne 鈥 promising investments and incentives while seeking to pressure them into lobbying on Facebook鈥檚 behalf against data privacy legislation, an explosive new leak of internal Facebookdocuments has revealed."


#Privacy #Facebook

Img. courtesy to 袚械芯褉懈谐懈 袛懈屑懈褌芯胁

Hey @tuxedocomputers
I see on the website that you also offer Portuguese keyboards for your notebooks.
Can you please share a photo or a reference on what layout it is exactly? Since I'm from Brazil, I think the layout could be a little bit different from what I'm used to.

watching a really nice talk from linux.conf.au about systemd. if you are unsure about systemd or want a different perspective on why it's been so contentious in communities, then i highly recommend checking it out.


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