Some days ago I set DuckDuckGo as my default search engine, but since I found myself using the "!g" prefix very often I switched to StartPage now. Which privacy minded search engine do you prefer?

@jlelse We need a federated search engine, opensource, nodes put online by anyone as and when.

Links rated in various dimensions, people to set their own preferences...

Financed how? That's the question.

@pperrin There's searx which you can host yourself, I already tried it, but results aren't very good.

@jlelse I see it is a meta search engine - I think it is a federated indexing engine that is really needed.

Alta Vista was my favourite early search engine, it kicked up far more diverse results near the top.

As the web gets clogged up with old material a new approach is needed.

A 20 year old latin course will still be valid, but finding current stuff on (say) installing linux and a development suite has so, so many redundant dead ends!

@jlelse I Have been using duckdu ckgo exclusively for close to a year now.... Works fine for me. What causes you to retreat to Google?

@yerazunis it's probably that search results in German aren't very good. DDG uses Yahoo (Bing) afaik and because nobody uses that in Germany search results aren't that great. Startpage gives me Google results but also privacy.

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