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There are no such things as "coincidences" anymore, they're all just aggressive targeted marketing campaigns

I feel like mode is nearly perfectly what android tablets should of been from the beginning

Our DMV is so on top of things they sent me a renewal reminder for my car 11 months in advance.

On second thought, it might be more evidence that it is very incompetent.

Just replaced my front motorcycles brakes. It was a lot easier than I thought and significantly cheaper than the dealership (when though I use better pads).

Fun Fact: A virtual keyboard is just as good of a bed as a real one. At least according to my cat, Colby

I'm not sure if I am shocked that you cannot use android studio on an arm based linux distro

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All I wanna do is play Minecraft right now. Ugh.

Never ever volunteer to redo cables. Some people just have no clue what they are doing

So the good news is Colby is accepting of Oreo...
Oreo is very unsure about Colby though but she is at least moving around her side of the apartment

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I have two cats that think they are dogs.

Colby sits by the door when I leave and jumps on me and kisses me and Oreo rolls onto her back and waits for belly rubs.

I might have a windows computer that takes 24 hours to update. Is that a record?

Me playing :
I think they will survive.

My kerbals last 2-3 missions before they get killed (except Jeb, I do everything possible to keep him alive).

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hard mode: convince him without showing him your cat

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We will not defeat the president with a political argument. We will not defeat the president with an economic argument. We will not defeat the president with a purely rational argument. We will defeat the president with a moral argument.

Like the space between Goliath’s eyes, that is the one area where President Trump has no defense. He cannot defend himself morally or ethically because he doesn’t recognize morality and he doesn’t recognize ethics. He cannot fight what he cannot see.

~ Marianne Williamson

Something I want fixed before I die:

The US Tax system

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Good deed for the weekend:

Just released mastotool v0.1, a (growing) collection of tools to access the Mastodon API from the terminal.

Generates lovely statistics for your account and lets you search your toots for keywords, so far.

Get it here:

(On Arch you can simply install package 'mastotool')

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I like when people say that people should be able to climb Uluru because tourists want to: it's like saying that we should put a climbing wall in the Sistine Chapel in Rome to attract tourism, and then let hundreds of tourists take a shit when they're at the top.

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