@brion me and my wife were planning on doing the West Coast from San Diego to Vancouver on a pair of Motorcycles in April (mid-april to mid-may) but maybe next year...

@fribbledom I've seen chrome use about 2GBs of RAM with certain yet-to-be named social media sites. I'm actually quite impressed with how terribly inefficient Facebook is.

We should probably come up with a web 2.0 standard and just forget javascript somewhere

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hey! quick reminder for multi-word #HashTags - use CamelCase (ie. capitalizing the first letter of each word) to help screenreaders read them properly


My thoughts are on Boeings Starliner 

I want to look back at the Commercial Crew Program and say we did good, we expanded mankind's presence in space, we grew our knowledge of the universe; not we only lost 2 crews in 100 missions.

At this point there is too much pressure to fly as soon as possible and I am not convinced that either vehicle is ready, especially for a long duration mission. I would like to think it is because NASA, Boeing and SpaceX have tons of private test data but is that wishful thinking?

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My thoughts are on Boeings Starliner 

I'm almost certain starliner will not need to repeat the OFT on the sole ground that if humans were onboard they could of solved the problems.

This was Boeing's thoughts about the problems with MCAS on the 737 Max. As much as I believe we are too reliant on automation it is clear that these systems need to flawless.

During the Space Shuttle program we swept issues under the rug until they literally blew up in our face. Can we not repeat these mistakes?

Highly controversial opinion:

is almost perfectly what Tesla needed to release in a truck.

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click like, click subscribe, click "save to watch later", there are a lot of buttons on the internet that you can click and I advise you to click all of them

When you have to ask an employee where the rechargeable batteries are and 15 minutes later the store manager comes out with the only 2 packs in the building. There's battery racks on the end of about half of the aisles, all disposable.

Don't worry though you have to ask for disposable straws...

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@suetanvil that just stinks. I have yet to see a reliable parking meter app. Tons of screenshots will be necessary

@robjloranger if you have vender specific api and people use those apis you can control the entire web 🤫

The one feature needs: background audio apps don't get killed on the first press of clear all apps

@Bluedepth I always wait for the x.1.y releases to do apple updates but the complete drop of 64 bit support is killing us at work (we still use office 2011)

@deshipu I'm not saying that there has not been improvements to the quality of life. I'm saying that for the last 200 or so years we have rapidly expanded mankind's impact on the planet (cars, cities, planes, power generation) without considering what the negatives are, and here we are today realizing that social media spreads hate, machine learning reflects its data pool (can be racist), and ridesharing/hailing apps increase traffic. Almost all our new "tech" is largely disposable.

It is about time that we stop innovating tech and start improving lives. The 19th and 20th centuries are full of great inventions that were terrible for the world, culture and people.

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