The one feature needs: background audio apps don't get killed on the first press of clear all apps

Steps to reproduce an issue with reading from save files:

1. Turn syncing with wear on
2. Sync to watch
3. Enable an app shortcut on Android N or later with an app launcher that does not support app shortcuts
4. Disconnect watch
5. Force Stop App
6. Launch App
7. Click Save

Somehow this sequence of events breaks the ability to read from file, however, the data is intact from future saves.

So dropping back to Android Studio 3.1.x because I am encountering build issues with 3.2 😒

Anyone else having problems?

It really says something terrible about an 'open-source' os when a closed source product has a longer support window.

Look at GNU/Linux and windows, then look at Android and iOS.
Something is terribly wrong here

Smart phones and tablets need some sort of unified bootloader, like grub, so we can install, use and update the software as we see fit.

LG responded to my request to unlock my lg v20 (us unlocked version) by telling me that this phone is not eligible for the bootloader to be unlocked.

For I use Tusky, which is available on the Google Play Store, F-Droid, and GitHub.

For Linux and Windows I just use the WebApp, it is surprisingly good.

Tusky on Googe Play:

Tusky on F-Droid:

Tusky's Github Page:

Figured I'd go ahead and pin a post about what I use for .

In reality it makes no sense for any phone these days to have a locked bootloader.

Let us unlock the phone we paid for an install and update the phone.

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