My thoughts are on Boeings Starliner 

I'm almost certain starliner will not need to repeat the OFT on the sole ground that if humans were onboard they could of solved the problems.

This was Boeing's thoughts about the problems with MCAS on the 737 Max. As much as I believe we are too reliant on automation it is clear that these systems need to flawless.

During the Space Shuttle program we swept issues under the rug until they literally blew up in our face. Can we not repeat these mistakes?


My thoughts are on Boeings Starliner 

I want to look back at the Commercial Crew Program and say we did good, we expanded mankind's presence in space, we grew our knowledge of the universe; not we only lost 2 crews in 100 missions.

At this point there is too much pressure to fly as soon as possible and I am not convinced that either vehicle is ready, especially for a long duration mission. I would like to think it is because NASA, Boeing and SpaceX have tons of private test data but is that wishful thinking?

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