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For I use Tusky, which is available on the Google Play Store, F-Droid, and GitHub.

For Linux and Windows I just use the WebApp, it is surprisingly good.

Tusky on Googe Play:

Tusky on F-Droid:

Tusky's Github Page:

Figured I'd go ahead and pin a post about what I use for .

The big problem with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is they have become political battlegrounds and most di not realise it.

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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
| Delete Google |
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

Why do I have to type "= null" at initialization for nullable properties in ?

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The more code I write the more I move towards writing in a functional style...

wins the from our email contest. It took one click and over a month later I still haven't recieved anymore emails from them. I feel bad now...

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All mobile and web developers should be forced to use 5 year old phones with poor reception. Maybe then they’d remember what the word optimisation actually means.

An hour of charging an apple mouse and it's at 10%. Its going to be a long day

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Ironic problem of the day: I bought a small GPS module for a project, but I can't find it.

Finally recovered my first spaceplane in ksp.

Vertical launch with a fuel tank/booster that was recovered a little over 8 minutes into the flight. The shuttle delivered a 4.5 ton tug to my low kerbal space station (200k x 200k orbit) before returning home after 2 and a half kerbal days in space.

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Hey fediverse folks -- is there a good model for handling closed or semi-closed 'discussion groups' that retain a poster's identity across instances?

People over in FB land use groups *a lot*, and I'm unclear how to model that in my mental map of how mastodon/etc work in an activitypub world other than separate local instances with closed timelines.

I should read up on current stuff though. :D One of these days thinking of making a tiny single-user instance app as a learning exercise.

So it has been over two years and 1000 posts since I joined

Companies that ship things to customers:

For your customers sake please allow your packages to be picked up at a customer service center.

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Judas: still on for Friday?
Jesus: Friday?
Judas: yeah, the last supper
Jesus: the what?
Judas: supper. Normal supper with the fellas

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