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For I use Tusky, which is available on the Google Play Store, F-Droid, and GitHub.

For Linux and Windows I just use the WebApp, it is surprisingly good.

Tusky on Googe Play:

Tusky on F-Droid:

Tusky's Github Page:

Figured I'd go ahead and pin a post about what I use for .

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I've seen a few people complain that the black hole picture is a waste, that humanity has our environment or povery or whatever else as a far far more immediate pressing matter than to take a photo that is 'an orange smear'.

The issue at hand here isn't science funding, the issue at hand is the total structure of industrial capitalism. If you cut astronomy funding to 0, how much do you think of that would go towards social projects? How much would go towards sustainable degrowth? How much would go towards ANYTHING that goes against tje ideological principles of neoliberal capitalism.

On the contrary, there are people who find a deep romantic wonder and an inherent artistic value in things like this. People finding wonder in the world, being humbled by the nature and otherness of it is a beautiful way to look at the world. Don't light your torches at astronomy, capitalism is your issue

How is seeing one app better than seeing 10 apps in the recent app screen? Stop copying apple android

Fourth picture is the view of the Keen River. Didn't mean to post it. See 3 get 1 free special

My secret to not getting :

I do not give my personal number to any company to sell. In 2018 I received just 3 calls from unknown numbers, and two of them turned out to be old friends.

Same thing with . Use burner accounts whenever necessary.

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Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text

Passwords were exposed for years to anyone who had internal access to the files.

Really need to find better rear tires for my bike, this rear tire sucks in the rain. On the plus side I am really good at dealing with a rear tire lock up with drum brakes

Dear :

Sometimes we don't want settings to sync between devices. A tablet and a desktop are vastly different

I am no longer bound to any Google services

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If you post an article even remotely date-sensitive, please include the publication date somewhere in or around the article. In fact, add the date even if it doesn’t seem relevant, because it is always relevant.

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I wish the launch was a little earlier in the day.

New goal for launch the EM1 mission (SLS) with a single falcon heavy.

I am impressed with how much thought went into isbn numbers...

Does anyone else not like how the linux kernel is versioned?

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