Santa does not fly on sleigh. He drives a UPS truck.
Merry Christmas! 🎄

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Black Friday in Poland: price on 21.11 - 95$. Price on 22.11 - 300$. Price on Black Friday: SUPER DISCOUNT -200$ NOW PRICE IS ONLY 96$

Just bought 15eur because I've lost my old one after about 11 years. I'm amazed how batteries and led diodes improved. This little thing gives about as much light as headlights on my first car 😀

Google Ads will require Parallel Tracking by October, 30. Funny fact: It is based on navigator.sendBeacon method that is not supported in all Safari versions. Curious what will be the workaround.

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Fast, robust and easy to deploy upload filter for EU organisations:

Unlike YouTube's filter, work on any type of media (video, code, music, poems) and costs less to operate.

The false-positive rate is configurable to allow for flexible response to any future legislation or pressure from big content lobbies.

Copyrighted 2018 Tomas Sedovic, do not use or reproduce in whole or in part without author's permission.

Licensing available upon request.

Yesterday I was making my first steps in using . A wild bug appeared in hello world tutorial from official docs (simple guessing game). Turns out I have to restart my IDE every time I add a package to Cargo.toml lol. This is how you recognise a technology that is definitely far from maturity.

Hello people! Are there any gems with performance comparable to and ?

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@L00pesth3r year ago I had to do exactly opposite (from and to and rest of stack) I'll move back as soon as possible, but also I've learned a lot. Everyone working using should once hop into M$ project. Try for a while and instead of or and instead of or . Know your enemy :windows:

Worst products ever: , , .

Teams - crappy search, can't click on send button until all attachments are uploaded. SharePoint - quite often after i upload a file, it disappears. Everyone could see and edit it BUT ME! PowerBi - just please kill it. This is just a fraction of bugs/design flaws I've encountered while using them.

Thinking about creating focused ad network as a way of financing projects, mastodon servers etc. No , no tracking, ads based on current page context.

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So far in my uni courses I've been exposed to #Python, #Matlab, and a bit of C; currently going through the fires of SASS and R.

Any other #programming languages you think would be useful for me to pick up on the side as an applied maths major? Or maybe some specific packages worth exploring? (I've dabbled with some scikit at least)

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