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Well it's official, published the initial post on my blog:

There's still lots of work I want to do on my site, but it's ready for some 👀

I wish RawTherapee's "Psuedo-HiDPI" functionality was handled differently in 5.6. You basically have to set the option to true and then set your monitor scaling back to 100%, or you can use it normally on your scaled monitor but everything is generally blurry, including the image when editing it 😔

Of course, there's always the bright side that it's open source and can be addressed...

And to think, all of those recordings would have ended up in the public domain at some point anyway (though who knows how many more times Congress will extend copyright terms), so really all of us have been robbed of this cultural heritage we would've shared freely

"It is probable that musicians whose masters were destroyed have no idea."

Wow, I had no idea about this fire until reading this article, and it's such a shame. What's important to realize about this situation, that they highlight a bit in the article, is how record labels covet these intellectual property rights, but do little to actually take care of it. And if copyrights weren't so long, much of this material would've been in the public domain, where it could have been preserved.

Also, a word to the wise, don't wait as long as I did to actually get your passport 😅 I went through the expedited process and it was actually super easy, just need your birth certificate (I had to get a new one too) and a photo ID, and fill out the form. Was in and out in ~25min

Going on my first international trip in a long time, and my first trip outside of North America ever (I have only been to Canada once before) in a couple weeks. Super excited to get to travel around the UK for two weeks. If anyone has any tips on the UK or longer travel like that in general, lemme hear it

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capitalism is when your phone autocorrects brand names to be uppercase

When you kick some legacy code in the teeth and fix errors that had been happening for years 😌 🍻

Feeling like I need to move off namecheap, they're login flow isn't great, and they're two-factor authentication is seemingly broken? Entered a OTP and it took me to an error page, then I was logged in 🤔

"If the American public or members of Congress were learning these things for the first time, the political fallout would normally be devastating. The consequences of the report remain to be seen, but if people are not surprised or shocked by the revelations, then Mr. Trump may have benefited by the steady drip of news stories he has so loudly criticized."

This is really what makes it so clear they're using whatever excuse they can:
"The underlying act Assange is accused of—a single failed attempt to figure out a password—was not even important enough to be included in the formal CFAA charges leveled against Manning, even though it was known to the prosecutors and reported about long ago."

Chrome usually wins here, but I've been getting some super buggy behavior Chromium 73 on arch 🤔

Man, disappointing that Firefox's device emulation mode in devtools doesn't do any scaling so the screen fits in your window

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I wish more companies would ask permission to put you on all their email marketing lists. Just because someone entered my email so I could get access to something doesn't mean I consent to all these emails

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I do not understand how Spotify racks up 2 GB of cache from me listening to the same album on repeat. How. Why. The quality isn't even that good, they're not streaming FLAC

And by just 5 votes, it was decided that both Article 13 and 11 would not be removed through an amendment, and several MEPs have come out and said they pushed the wrong button on that one... too late now

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I've been using subsonic as a music library streamer, and it's been alright, but the web app is long in the tooth and there's no mobile app that works (for iOS) that I've found.

So I'd basically like to try and solve some these issues I've run into, and experiment with creating a nice PWA with offline capabilities (including saving music for offline play).

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