Ended up having to return the original modem I got to replace my old one. It was an Arris that apparently has a common issue of only getting IPv6 connectivity at times...

Looking into using a raspberry pi to run OpenWRT for my router 🧐

My modem of 4-5 year just broke last night... so unfortunate that these things have a shelf life like that. Think I might try a surge protector and see if there’s any difference this time around

“Public health experts warned that studies that have been used for decades — to show, for example, that mercury from power plants impairs brain development, or that lead in paint dust is tied to behavioral disorders in children — might be inadmissible when existing regulations come up for renewal.”

Who would possibly be ok with this? Oh yeah, corporate interests...


The quickest way to fill up a hard drive is to run docker for development vm’s

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also, cool interactive data graphic piece by the NY Times team, automatically tries to match the visitor to their closest metro areas

Unfortunate to see Phoenix metro area vehicle emissions up 291% since 1990, and up 86% per person since the same time. That's what happens when a city is built with almost no public transportation infrastructure and spreads out way out...

Oh man you KNOW I’m going to see the Twilight Zone 60th Anniversary Celebration; six episodes in theaters for the first time. Surprisingly though, they’re not showing Nightmare at 20,000 Feet


Shout out to Goodenough, Whittingham and Yoshino for developing lithium ion battery technology, which I'm currently using to power the device I'm typing this on! It's about time 🔋 ⚡


I've contemplated more than a couple times now just installing debian over freenas on my home nas... I run debian everywhere else and don't have the time I'd like to really poke around bsd. Freenas has some niceties going for it wrt its management UI, but eh, I can live without it

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"Going through Mr. Giuliani says it all. If Mr. Trump had a shred of evidence against Mr. Biden or any legitimate governmental objective in view, he would have directed the Justice Department or State Department to work directly with Ukraine."

"The Constitution is clear: A president who uses presidential powers for purely personal and political reasons, as Mr. Trump appears to have done, commits an impeachable offense."


It can only go downhill from here.

and it only took ~6 days for the nas to backup to b2 initially 🙃

Got around to setting up a backup system for my personal laptops and home nas, using restic and Backblaze b2


Personal laptops get backed up to the nas and b2, and the nas just gets backed up to b2

So far, very nice 👌

TIL there are a 1,527 TLDs data.iana.org/TLD/tlds-alpha-b

and that brand TLDs are a thing??

and that the domain names www, nic and whois are specially reserved for registrars, so you can go to almost any tld at nic.* and see who the registrar is, for example nic.playstation or nic.lamborghini

Aaand just got the batch preference email from @purism about the Librem 5.

Still need to see what batch I can get into I guess, but I said Birch through Dogwood

So much for state's rights


It's so backwards we have an administration battling states actually trying to better the environment

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