Aaand just got the batch preference email from @purism about the Librem 5.

Still need to see what batch I can get into I guess, but I said Birch through Dogwood

So much for state's rights

It's so backwards we have an administration battling states actually trying to better the environment

Getting pretty stoked about the @purism Librem 5 shipping soon!

New FAQ:

I think I'm probably going to try and get in on the 2nd or 3rd batches (depending on my position in the queue).

Seems like the main difference for me between the those batches will be uncapped vs capped switches. Depending on how they look and how easy it is to add your own capped switches, I might go for the earlier batch.

I've had my raspberry pi sitting around for a while since I setup a dedicated home server, but Finally got around to hooking it up to some speakers and installing Mopidy. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Also, Iris is an absolutely fantastic web client:
Like, really really good. Mobile + desktop looks great.

Finally, a big monsoon storm hits Phoenix 🌧️ ⛈️ 🌧️

Here's a cool map showing the rainfall/weather data:

Inspiring video from Democracy Now! bringing attention to the work the No More Deaths aid group does for migrants in Southern Arizona

Just posted my notes on how I setup GNU/Linux on debian, check it out (and let me know if you see anything that could be improved). The idea is I'll keep this updated as I change my setup

And here we go with more deregulation that may irreversibly effect our environment, so some businesses can make a little more money in the short term

“the United Nations has warned that human pressures are poised to drive one million species into extinction and that protecting land and biodiversity is critical to keep greenhouse gas emissions in check.”

Put up that blog post about changing the alternator on my Discovery II:
🔧 🚗

I've gotten a record 7 spam calls already today, how many more can I get?

Phew, aptitude really just saved my ass. I tried installing gnome-shell and mutter from debian experimental to see if a bug I'm running into was fixed (it wasn't, at least in experimental), and borked my apt sources pretty well. Luckily aptitude was able to downgrade without issue and I could reinstall the normal testing versions... lesson learned! Be veeery careful with mixing apt sources.

“His frequent dissenting opinions, he said, arose from a conviction that both the public and the law were best served when differing views were expressed and explained, rather than suppressed for the sake of surface collegiality.”

Something we would could surely benefit from in our current government. Rest in peace.

Put a new alternator in my DII last night, going to try writing up a little how to guide, haven’t seen any succinct guide on it besides forum threads

So contacted their support and turns out they just redesigned and moved around stuff in their interface. Now only completely saved albums show up in 'albums' and individual songs show up in 'songs'. Still a bummer because I liked viewing everything in the 'albums' section...

Wow, Spotify just lost probably 100+ saved songs I had to my collection... I started to save a single song from an album instead of the whole album because I reached their max limit for songs in a collection.

I need to find a better alternative, might just move over to Tidal.

And on top of that Subsonic hasn't been working out great for my personal collection, just hard to use and the UX isn't great. Starting to switch over to Airsonic (the open source fork).

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org Inc. case coming before the Supreme Court. Basically, annotations the gov creates for laws should be free, like the laws themselves.

"...the panel reasoned that while the annotations do not carry the force of law, they are nevertheless authoritative."

This point combined with the fact the General Assembly combined the statutes with the annotations into one document and stamped it with their seal, drives it home.

Found out about CSS scroll-snapping today when Firefox announced they released support for the latest syntax in Firefox 68. Good stuff! Now it's up to speed with chrome's implementation.

I was looking for something like this for the photo section on my website, so each photo can snap directly into the middle of the page.

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