Gnome on Wayland is 👌 👌

Previously on X11, it worked fine enough on my laptop's screen only, but with two 4k monitors the lag was in your face

I get fractional scaling now which is also 💯

Just successfully installed CUDA 10-1 on Ubuntu 18.04... after trying on debian testing and stable... fun times.

If you need to do this (to work with tensorflow), just follow the instructions at straightaway with a fresh, no-nvidia-driver starting point. Attempting to install following nvidia's developer docs eventually led to conflicting packages and drivers.

We're well into 2020 and installing python and pip (3) and getting everything to work is still a PITA...

Wooow, I finally resolved some long standing issue's I've had with my yubikey on my work mac after the keys had expired... in short had to reset the pgp applet on the key and reload them all after updating the subkey expirations.

💫 ✊

I love the functionality service workers can provide, but man, even in 2020 they're still a total PITA

I spent the better part of yesterday debugging service worker inconsistencies with skipWaiting...

Ideally I want users to be able to click a button (or reload the page) to initiate the skipWaiting process, but in my testing, there is a good chance that the service worker stays in waiting mode, and there's no way to decipher why.

So in the end, I'm calling skipWaiting immediately on install, and I'm reloading the client when a new controlling sw is detected. Not ideal, but it's the most consistent.

“Because public interest in wellness and longevity runs high, health disinformation can have a disproportionally large social impact. Experts fear that it will foster public cynicism that erodes Washington’s influence as well as the core democratic value of relying on demonstrable facts as a basis for decision-making.”

Ended up having to return the original modem I got to replace my old one. It was an Arris that apparently has a common issue of only getting IPv6 connectivity at times...

Looking into using a raspberry pi to run OpenWRT for my router 🧐

My modem of 4-5 year just broke last night... so unfortunate that these things have a shelf life like that. Think I might try a surge protector and see if there’s any difference this time around

“Public health experts warned that studies that have been used for decades — to show, for example, that mercury from power plants impairs brain development, or that lead in paint dust is tied to behavioral disorders in children — might be inadmissible when existing regulations come up for renewal.”

Who would possibly be ok with this? Oh yeah, corporate interests...

The quickest way to fill up a hard drive is to run docker for development vm’s

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also, cool interactive data graphic piece by the NY Times team, automatically tries to match the visitor to their closest metro areas

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Unfortunate to see Phoenix metro area vehicle emissions up 291% since 1990, and up 86% per person since the same time. That's what happens when a city is built with almost no public transportation infrastructure and spreads out way out...

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