Wow Patreon sure is happy that they sent me an invoice this month.

Why the hell would I be excited to receive a bill?

Tweet about it? Ok, everyone, Patreon loves extracting money from their customers!

The only reason I use Patreon is to support my Mastodon instance, (and another content creator), but invoices like this make me really want to not use Patreon.

I wish there was a better way...

@jish I get your point, but after buying stuff online for so much time, I wish I saw more receipts. Sometimes, just making sure that the online company is paying VAT is headache enough.

@trickster 👍 totally makes sense. I am glad that they are sending receipts.

I just wish they would tone it down a bit. Like, "Horray!!!! you have won the privilege of paying us money!!!! We are soooo happy right now." I'm sure you are Patreon.

@jish Ooooh, ok, I get it now 😅
I can see how that's annoying.

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