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I'm just posting this as a test for myself.

I wanted to see what HTTP Referrer and User Agent are set from various Mastodon clients. Feel free to ignore this link

Have a nice day! 🙂

How to make your phone work for you instead of against you.

"Take Control -- Center For Humane Technology"

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What is with people who have a greasy fingerprint reflection of their keyboard imprinted on their laptop screen. How do you even see what you are doing? Do you ever wash your hands?

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@fribbledom There are people who write maintainable, reliable code, and there are people who push prototypes into prod, yell "done is better than perfect!" and leave others to clean up their mess.

What’s a good technology news publication without ads?

I pay Blendle for ad-free “main stream” journalism, but I feel like I’m drifting too far away from technology news.

When a technology topic comes up, I want a deeper dive into it, not a main stream summary.

Do you like Ars Technica? Techdirt? Something else with ad-free tech articles?

Periodic reminder to use a two factor authentication APP, not an SMS. My company’s social media account just got taken over (we got it back).

Even though the phone number was “secured” with a pin and everything possible on the account, someone still social engineered their way into the phone number through a phone call to the cell provider’s customer support.

“It’s tempting to think, what difference is my plastic-free bathroom going to make? But several billion people thinking that way is what got us to where we are.”

Why would I store my second factor auth in a password manager? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the second factor?

If you get into my password manager, then here, congrats, you get access to everything.

I think I’d rather have my second factor actually be a separate second device (i.e. my phone) that has its own separate security mechanisms.

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You can actually see how busy your web app’s main thread is when using

➡️Choose “simple testing”
➡️Open waterfall
➡️Look for long red blocks in the “main thread” section

It’s like DevTools-on-the-go.

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What’s worth picking up on the Steam Sale?

U.S. Politics 

I started filling out a form on ActBlue, and I didn't get around to pressing the submit button -- yes, I know I'm lazy 😞

Then I get this email from them:

> "We noticed that you started to make a contribution to our campaign, but didn't complete it."

WTF? Hell no! I'm not registering for an account on your website if you steal my email address before I press the submit button.

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Start a blog and write your first article, get $20. Write another 3 articles within six months and get another $20.

A Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, much like your favorite food or building co-op, and is owned by the members; there are no “shareholders”. Any profits made are returned to the members through low rates on loans, competitive rates on savings, and as few fees as possible.

I haven't used jQuery in a while, but I definitely prefer its aesthetics to many of the DOM APIs.

"Pages like You might not need jQuery try to sell the idea that it’s easy to ditch jQuery, but the very first example is a good reason to use jQuery: one line of trivial jQuery code gets replaced with 10 lines of vanilla JS code!"

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Today the US Army tweeted a Memorial Day-themed question, and it's backfired on them horrifically.

There are thousands of replies from people detailing how joining the military completely ruined the lives of them and their loved ones.


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