wind gusts have taken out my power twice in the last hour. wonder what this will bring as it continues this morning...

This calendar year I have been practicing being grateful. They (the infamous "they") say that just doing so can make you happier.

So, here's this curmudgeon's ongoing gratitude fest.

Today I am for the plentiful rain in the Pacific NW that makes everything green, and provides a good snow pack for water all year.

Watching Dimension 404 on Hulu. It's not bad. Definitely owes more than a little to the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Black Mirror and other progenitors. Is jam packed with pretty big names, including Patton Oswalt.

I did a webcast with the TypeEd Dojo folks earlier this week about Font Management.

A recording is up ICYMI

@ashfurrow Heya. From your toots I notice that you seem like an admin here.

Wanted to let you know that I tried signing up using my company email address and the emails being sent to me are being blocked because your mailserver "mailgun" is on many DNS blacklists.

To facilitate more signups, might want to update the mailserver, or help get "mailgun" removed from their widespread blacklisted state.

Thanks for running this!

OK. So, I'll try this new thing.

Trying to navigate how to follow folks so that I can get a custom timeline that's not just the federated timeline.

Also, how to find other folks who I might know on other social networks when/if they come over here.

The distributed nature might make a bigger hurdle than many might like.

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