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I've been here since August 2018 and I never wrote an post.
I'm a retired research engineer, but still spend too much time writing software for fun. I also dabble in model engineering and N gauge trains. I do a bit of choral singing, a bit of cycling, a bit if of photography, and a lot of cooking, eating and drinking.
Politically I'm liberal left and heartily sickened by the state of UK politics today.

Some countries put postcode after city, e.g. "London SW19", others put it before, e.g. "75006 Paris". Is there a standard list of which countries do which format?

Apparently it's national . I'm only too well aware of the state of my junk room, thank you.

Many people complain about bots on Twitter. But there's some cool "art bots" out there, like those that make new train pictures from emoji, or link to old 78 RPM records at, or baby rabbits every hour...
It'd be nice to find some art bots over here in Mastodon, too. :)

Managed to make a (not very good) video of the nesting in my "bee hotel" this morning.

Watched an interesting German TV programme earlier about the construction of the Berlin S1 railway in the 1930s. Lots of archive footage of cut & cover construction (including crossing the river Spree) with steam cranes, steam pile drivers, and raw manpower.

Language that degrades others, even unintentionally, is violence. Misogyny and ableism are baked into English, so we must be careful. Avoiding these expressions is a small way to be kind to others but it also frees your mind from a fettered way of thinking.

Something I enjoy on Twitter is feeds of by some of my favourite artists, for example Caspar David Friedrich. Are there any accounts doing similar you'd like to recommend?

One of my car tyres has a slow puncture. Took the wheel off and looked all over it. Found a small nail, then another, a twisted staple, and then a bolt head! One of them is probably the culprit.

what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

I hate doing these, but feel I should write an #introduction as I'm new here.

I'm an awkward #introvert who likes #retrogaming (I've found a lot of that crowd already - it's why I'm here), especially #zxspectrum, #amiga , and modern #videogames #nintendoswitch. I also enjoy analogue #boardgames.
I sometimes do #programming and geeky #tech related to #television #teletext, and programmes such as #Eurovision. I watch a lot of #comedy.
It makes me happy when my feed contains random #art, #cartoons, or cute #bunnies 🙂

I'm seeing a lot more bird activity in my back garden than last year, with robins, sparrows and blue tits visiting every day. The difference? I put in a small pond last June by sinking an old butler sink into the ground.

"If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people." —Elon Musk

This doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Most people favor universal healthcare, gun control, and legal marijuana. We keep asking but the politicians ignore us. They only listen to...checking my notes...loudmouth billionaires who care more about moderation policies than the will of the people.

Can I ask a quick question from #MastodonNewbie to those who've been here a while:

If I want to do some posts that others might consider a bit "spammy", e.g. a running commentary on a TV programme that's being shown, is that an appropriate use of the Content Warning feature?

It would, I think, hide most of the post from those who aren't interested in my publicly-expressed thoughts on that TV show.

Is this good community behaviour, or not?
#help #NewHere

If you created your account a long time ago, you may be seeing Mastodon's advanced web interface (multiple columns). That interface has not been the default for years now. You can control which one you see from Preferences.

if ur new here:

-follow and unfollow liberally
-add shit (bio, pic, pronouns, stuff) to ur profile or people will not accept ur follow requests
-hashtags are neat, but please use #CamelCase so screen readers can read them
-use emojis and art via symbols minimally or behind a CW for screen readers
-use CW liberally for anything triggering or just bc its a long post
-caption ur images pls
-read your instances rules and report things that break them
-pls dont censor words with * bc filters

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