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Got a promoted Instagram post from “samsungus” and it took me a while to figure out it wasn’t a prescription drug or some kind of mushroom.

Non-linear timelines means you can post an edit/correction/update but you have no guarantee anybody will see it.

Saw it happen twice this week on other sites. Health updates on a sick dog and autocarrot putting an extra p in striper.

*Tech Conference Notes*
Slides with black backgrounds are harder to read when presented via overhead projectors.

Live demos at tech conferences are usually not helpful and often crash and burn.
But at least I get to see people make the same typos I make every day.

Neighbors have a bouncy house for a kids birthday.
Their playlist this afternoon is chaotic.

Neighbors having a small get together and have the music much too loud.
I'm not even mad because they are playing some sweet old school jams.
Moved my laptop outside to enjoy the playlist.

Lazy Web:
Is there a Mastodon Instance created specifically for bots? Figure I’ll move my Twitter bots (that nobody else cares about) here eventually.

@ramsey what was the Mastodon App you settled on? Tried to search and got lazy.

Being able to sleep with the windows open is my favorite weather.

There is one Mastodon app in the Mac App Store.
So I guess I'll be a Whalebird user for now.

Heading down the React Passive Event Handling rabbit hole and it stinks.

React can’t keep up Chrome’s pace of work.

Heading down the React Passive Event Handling rabbit hole and it stinks.

React can’t keep up Chrome’s pace of work.

Local grocery store still can’t decide what to call Florida Avocados.

As a Mac user I press the Command key a lot. So it _should_ be bigger than the Alt or Option key.
Something Apple has always done but not enough third party “For Mac” keyboards do.

Went kayaking on the Charles river today after work and it was more fun than I expected. A different view of the city.

Anybody else every try to unclog a mini pump full of dried crusty 2 year old pancake batter?

Making It is a much better television show than I expected but nobody has used an Arduino yet.

There was a shark attack so now local news is spending time broadcasting images of blurry blobs in the water that might be an animal.

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