I really dig fswebcam but it doesn’t give me as much control as I need. Guess I have to roll my own in a python script.

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I have a thinkpad mobo and a broken case, should I just put it in a box and use it as a desktop?

Cool. My Raspbian Stretch install decided to bork itself. Buster on the command line won’t be anything different so I guess it was just a boring force upgrade.

Has anybody pushed Google Apps Scripts to their limit? Seems like a spreadsheet could power a good quantity of web bots and things.

We now start the 2 hour service window because my cable company wants to inspect the hardware on my property.

Anybody have experience printing and binding zines? Feels like all the good software assumes I have a printing press.

Never understood people who crap on pine. Sure it is soft but it has a lot of character that shines if you put in the effort.

Anybody have experience with PrusaSlicer yet? Only used it for one print and it was fine.

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Bought an old ThinkPad to replace 3 older laptops that gather dust.
Every other month I need a physical Linux box for something or other so this is a step.

Slowly trying to reclaim my house from the chaos I let it slip into during winter.
Kitchen is almost to a point where I’m not embarrassed by it.

Shredding my bills from 2007.
Don’t ask why I kept them, I don’t have a good answer.

A Twitter thread of a PowerPoint deck cut into 4 photos per Tweet went viral.

Relearning those tmux shortcuts again.
Always fun to waste time getting things setup "just so" again and forget it in another month.

Saw somebody on the train this morning with a Pinebook. I have to say I was shocked to find out that they have a fairly active user community.

I want to get into mead.
Like drinking good interesting mead but I don’t even know where to start. Hard to find at most packies.

The actual newspaper comic wasn’t very funny and nsfw-ish so that part doesn’t matter.

I had a dream that an elderly woman made a # with her fingers to catch my attention so I could explain a newspaper comic to her.

After watching My Neighbor Totoro finding random acorns in the house is a different experience.

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