me ignoring you on the fediverse 

Should Pixelfed move to Discord or stay on freenode? #poll

Hey, is there, like (and I'm only half-shitposting here)...

Mastodon for B R A N D S ? ? ?

Seriously though, I wanna make an account for, which is kind of a weird "it's a consultancy, so it's kinda advertising, but also free software and in the public interest", and I don't really know what kind of instance that should belong to. Suggestions?

A promise to you all: If you want to start a blog and you're considering medium: don't. I will personally help you set up anything else.

@mdszy "10x programmer with no life responsibilities, no ideas, and a binge drinking problem seeks ideas guy"

Hey #Seattle I know one of the people who lives in this house and she is super cool so if you are looking for somewhere to live, take a look here!

Hey, does anyone know of an indigenous or otherwise endangered language a keyboard layout has been designed for, but isn’t available on Linux? I would like to learn how to make keyboard layouts, so I’ll do it free of charge.

Boosts welcome!

Thinking about... bullshit.

Bullshit is a lie that is expected to go unchallenged, whether or not it is believed. Bullshit can be placed on a spectrum.

At one end we have erudite bullshit, where the speaker deters challenges by making the thing they're saying appear informed and plausible.

At the other is gutter bullshit, where the speaker relies on a deterrent that's not based on the content of the lie.

Academic hoaxes are erudite bullshit. The proverbial emperor's new clothes is gutter bullshit.

@aru sure thing. Pass on any other questions any time.

@aru It depends on what she wants to do. The more you know the more value you can provide in theory. Being able to do simple scripting/programming helps with data collection (so you don't do it by hand) and processing. More advanced SE topics will be needed if you plan to work with binary exploits and the like.

The other useful bit is having the street cred of "I know exactly how hard the thing I am asking of you is".

@aru I am infosec adjacent. What kind of career advice?

This week's Existential Comics - wow. ouch.

CW: suicide, dickish behavior.

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