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In response to @QuinnyPig@twitter.com I try to make AWS Permission Boundaries easier to understand, but I probably don’t. Tl;dr: if you want someone to admin some IAM in an account but not all the IAM, then you might need one: firemon.com/aws-permission-bou

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It's wild what prisoners ACTUALLY do w/contraband phones vs. what prisons fear they'll do. I just talked to a guy who's using his to teach other guys computer science

"We’re using Harvard’s CS50 materials," he said. "That professor @davidjmalan@twitter.com, I think he’s one of the best."

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@HieronymusMcG@twitter.com @hoot_little@twitter.com Weirder still that people who have no problem with Trump's handling of classified documents want to attack Lizzo for handling a flute.

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Lizzo is such an interesting person for right wing content creators to moralize about because she’s so squeaky clean. She makes catchy songs about positivity and plays the flute. There’s no plausible deniability that they hate her for any other reason than being black and fat.

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In case you can't tell, the fact that we are almost three years into a deadly pandemic where people are falling dead after catching mild infections and people are still acting like this isn't a big deal has left me jaded and bitter.

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In the late 2030s, a research lab discovers how to travel to alternate earths. And what's even better, they've figured out how to best monetize it too: tourism.

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The world where the planet's population is 97% Christian but they're also nudists because they associate nudity with the innocence of the Garden of Eden.

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This is my alma mater, Sharif University of Technology, today. Right now, students are stuck on campus as it is sieged by gov forces 😔 Please be their voice

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We all make jokes about tradwives in TikTok but I think we would do better to think of the rise of gender conservatism among women as a vital component part of the West’s authoritarian turn.

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I talked to my sister last night who lives near Orlando, she told me Desantis and his wife are on TV every day over and over telling people don’t send food and water donate money directly to the state instead. The person who’s in charge of the state donation fund is his wife .1/2

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There is a YouTube channel that’s been going for about a year. The channel uses audio and video deep faking to make content featuring / parodying two super popular YouTubers, @MarkRober@twitter.com and @NileRed2@twitter.com.

The videos do very well.

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Even though the federal program has been suspended, SayYesCovidHomeTest.org is still providing up to 10 free at-home COVID-19 tests each month to Washington households.

Visit SayYesCovidHomeTest.org or call 1.800.525.0127 to claim yours today.

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“I spied on someone and I caught them doing something bad, so spying is good actually” is not the flex you think it is.

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A random unattended 7yo at the park told me and my son that gay people are the devil and are going to hell. My son scoffed, but the boy said it was true because God said so. I told him parents made up God to make their kids do what they want. His eyes got so big.

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They deleted it, but still telling... The Moms for Liberty PA chapter is calling our Girls Who Code books pornographic, and attributing a heinous quote to me (that I obviously never said) in some kind of attempt to smear me? twitter.com/MarcyKoch/status/1

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🚨 There’s reports emerging that a new zero day exists in Microsoft Exchange, and is being actively exploited in the wild 🚨

I can confirm significant numbers of Exchange servers have been backdoored - including a honeypot.

Thread to track issue follows:

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Preventing pasting content into password fields is a terrible practice that encourages weak passwords.

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When talking to kids, "Hi, what's your name?" is deeply inferior to "Hi, my name's Hank!"

I have no idea why, but the second one makes them feel so much less stressed. Goes for most communication, actually...give something before you ask for something.

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