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This is my alma mater, Sharif University of Technology, today. Right now, students are stuck on campus as it is sieged by gov forces 😔 Please be their voice

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There is a YouTube channel that’s been going for about a year. The channel uses audio and video deep faking to make content featuring / parodying two super popular YouTubers, @MarkRober@twitter.com and @NileRed2@twitter.com.

The videos do very well.

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Even though the federal program has been suspended, SayYesCovidHomeTest.org is still providing up to 10 free at-home COVID-19 tests each month to Washington households.

Visit SayYesCovidHomeTest.org or call 1.800.525.0127 to claim yours today.

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James Burke also did this - possibly the most prescient bit of TV ever produced. It explains, in < 4 minutes, exactly why technology has brought us to the current, turbulent situation in which we live today. Watch it.

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My hobby: adding gift messages to my own purchases that feature pro-union messages.

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Hey @Express@twitter.com can we talk about this marketing message. The idea of women in leadership positions being judged on their attractiveness is really not something we need reinforced by fashion retailers (or anyone).

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Completely obsessed with this Reddit theory that Pennywise and Mary Poppins are members of the same monster species.

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honestly I don't think any Trump moment beats the strange sadness of this one for me

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Why am I the only one on the ✈️ wearing a 😷?
Plan to do this for the foreseeable future.

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Why do we not see more folks 😷?

One of the reasons is that we've made the public realm so dangerous that many people who need masking to be safe simply cannot participate because one-way masking is not enough to cultivate Public Health.

We have to work together 🙏💜

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At least once a month, I randomly remember that Dr Phil once invited the creator of the BumFights video series on his show to confront him about exploiting vulnerable people for financial gain—only for him to show up dressed up as Dr Phil & point out he does the same exact thing.

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New AWS terms and conditions:
- §70.5. AWS wants to avoid responsibility for any use of IQ (I'm surprised that wasn't already there).
- §87🚨 GuardDuty's Malware Protection may copy data outside of the regions you are using it (data governance folks FYI)


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