The answer to "is and/or mailing-list-driven development harder for drive-by contributors than GitHub?"

@sir Setting up git sendmail requires being able send mail via the sendmail binary, or via an SMTP port (25, 465, 587), which is not something a lot of people have these days. Compared to that, the hoops GitHub makes one jump through are much simpler.

Much as I hate it.

@sir A lot of people. Most people use webmail of some sort, not SMTP and IMAP clients, for example.

@liw their email provider almost certainly provides SMTP access.

@sir @liw Which requires understanding of where to find the information and how to authenticate.

@jhulten @liw if they can't google their email provder's SMTP help page then they're in for a bad time with the rest of git

@sir @jhulten I think you're being more than a little arrogant and disingenuous with this requirement that to use git one must have also have, and know how to use, an SMTP provider.

Or in claiming that only "engineer" should use git.


@liw @sir Especially when the comparison is to Github or even Gitlab. The simplest case I can see is a documentation fix. With either GH or GL, a local checkout is not required. This is a serious low bar to clear.

If all you care about is people that write code like you write, maybe you are right. But most new contributors start small to learn and to see how the community reacts to their input.

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