Do folx have a tool for RT birdsite posts here or are they doing it by Ctrl-C?

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

In Vim, you can display the number of words, lines and characters in the current selection by pressing <g> <Ctrl-G>

#Vim #TextEditor #Tip

I can't remember who pointed this out, but refusing to do business with #Amazon during the workers' strike actually kind of undercuts the workers' position. They timed the strike for the busiest days of the summer on purpose; they *want* Amazon to see that fulfillment is more difficult without them there. (And if you're just delaying your purchases until Weds., instead of buying from another vendor, you're making the workers' lives *harder* when the strike ends and they have to ship your stuff!)

"I'm so bad at... uh... temporal lookups"
"You mean _remembering things_?"

And while I'm at it, still looking for trans women, queer fem, nb ppl in the San Jose area to room with

Fooling Production-Grade Classification Systems with Adversarial Traffic Signs [pdf]

(submitted by mpweiher)

@seldo Do you use any particular tools for RT from

anyway dipshit reply guys notwithstanding, periodic reminder and psa that

1 - fedi is just a bunch of postgres databases with a friendly clown interface on them and anything you post is copied to hundreds of them! this is cool and fine and "federation" but it is not private at ALL! there is zero encryption!

2 - as such yes any DM can be found in said database if an instance admin on one of the instances involved in the DM goes pawing through their database. DMs can also be reported by a participant. this is true of any service, incl twitter, facebook, etc because for those messages to be sent they need to... exist, in a database.

Big Tech megacorps 

#lazyweb anyone know of a list of projects that support the #ActivityPub #C2S (Client to Server) part of the spec?

if you're like 17 on this site and considering going to a US college where you pay full tuition please look into what europe has to offer . the us system is so deeply fucked

Hello fediverse,

We just want to remind you that we have no official or flagship instance, and we don't plan on endorsing any in the future.

If you are looking for a pixelfed instance to join, checkout or

notice how capitalism is demanding you turn yourself into a brand then alter that brand to appeal to more people so that you can more effectively sell yourself

yeah don't do that

jury nullification, or, how not to do activism 

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