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There’s a corner of Tik Tok that talks about subtle child neglect within hippie communities ie: not immunizing your kids, using unproven homeopathic medicine and educational methods, not using proper hygiene, and man I want more visibility for these stories

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"Mute conversation" is a great thing, but I would love a "mute conversation starting from this toot" or "mute replies to this toot" (same thing) too.

There are long-winded conversations I find super useful, but they often have a branch or two that I could really do without.

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"One of the worse things we can do is to propagate stigma... [..] the worst thing we can do is to make people embarrassed to talk about MPV, to not seek healthcare. We can't repeat some of the mistakes made at the beginning of HIV/AIDS pandemic." sgn.org/story.php?ch=local&sc=

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My single biggest tip though is, don't tell people you aren't drinking. Most don't respect it and will try pressure you into having a drink with them. Instead, tell them how many days sober you are, it's a slight change in language, but people instantly switch to supportive.

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"I became a Marine to protect your base on Mars," is an audience question that was just asked, if you're wondering how the Tesla annual shareholder meeting is going

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The fact that the top stories in my feed are all about Alex Jones, a guy we hate but who thrives on our attention, and not about Congress preparing to pass the most significant climate change legislation in history is something I need to think pretty hard about!

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More than 40 West Nashville residents woke up to flyers like this on their doorsteps. Community members tell me they’re concerned for their Jewish neighbors. More tonight @ 10 @FOXNashville@twitter.com

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hey @Uber@twitter.com one of your drivers wouldn’t let me into my ride because i have my service dog with me. she is leashed and has a vest and i explained that she’s a medical device. he refused multiple times. then your app tried to charge us a fee for “cancelling.” this is unacceptable.

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Trans people get a free pass to obsessively post selfies. Liking what you see in the mirror for the first time in 30 years is the excuse. We've got years of self lovin to catch up on x

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does anyone have an example of a python library where if headers of a third party are missing it builds a purelib fallback wheel (*-none-any.whl) but when present it builds an arch-specific wheel (cpXX-*-*_x86_64.whl) ? `pyyaml` is close but produces the latter even when missing

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Traditionally published author friends:

Yesterday, Penguin Random House stated under oath that $100,000 was not a large advance.

Get that official transcript before negotiating your book contract.

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You'll be relieved to know the cavalcade of "experts" continues.
In my experience, real experts rarely hire PR firms to score them interviews. Don't need to. twitter.com/HelenBranswell/sta

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I'm back on the job market! Looking for a Developer Advocate role. Experienced with Next, Node, and GraphQL. In the past, I've blogged & live-streamed at a regular cadence, given talks and workshops, & built community through hackathons and open-source example repos. DMs open.

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OK, usually I'm not snarky about educational media but, FYI, Crash Course doesn't want to profit from second hand sales of our videos...nor even first-hand sales! Thank you to Coin-owners and Patreon Patrons for making that possible.

Let's keep trying to make things better. twitter.com/Techmeme/status/15

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OK, Secret Service phones were wiped. So were those of Homeland Security. Now reportedly the same with the Pentagon.
Anyone want to explain what was going on here?

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I learned how to behave from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I learned how to lead from Star Trek: Voyager.

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