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@djsundog a salesperson once told me a nice mental trick in how to convey information.

We often start with the "how". Especially us hacker types.

Then we expand to the "what" and sometimes we get to the "why".

She taught me to start with the why, then the what and finish with the how.

All good documentation starts with the why IMO.

World: Google, you are so smart, impartial, and benevolent, please write all our protocols and standards.

Google: Oh yeah, btw, we don’t think you should be able to protect yourself from being tracked on our browser.

Google to break uBlock Origin on Chromium.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google

Discord is valued at 1.65 _billion_ dollars.

What kind of person can look at that and go "ah, yes, this free chat service is totally not gonna screw us out of private data for profit"?

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@sblaydes I started life with no butt. As I get older, I have less than no butt. Pants become... challenging.

While pants *are* a tool of the oppressor, they're useful when running the snowblower.

Much of programming is wondering why your code is doing exactly what you asked it to.

It's a shame that Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed, etc only adopted half of .

Bring out the C2S support!

I was really disappointed to hear BuzzFeed was doing this. Being laid off is difficult enough. Paying out PTO is the very least they could do.

It's ok *not* to have a side hustle.

You deserve some downtime.

I don’t have to diminish you in order to shine. And I don’t have to render you powerless in order to be powerful. twitter.com/BerniceKing/status

I agree with Michael Tsai - Apple needs to get their act together on hardware front.
> This is just not a good generation of Mac notebooks.

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Being able to state that your code is apolitical is a position of almost unimaginable privilege. To state it in the terms it’s put here just heals entitlement atop the pile of privilege.

Saying you’re “just a guy who wants to do code” isn’t apolitical, it is a profoundly political position. Supporting that stance, likewise, is a political declaration.

@waterbear @clacke

In light of Australia's anti-encryption, this is an important message from @signalapp@twitter.com

It's not enough for services to state they decline to add a backdoor. It should be practically impossible to do so. Based on their architecture and verifiable by public source code. #aaBill


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This is the kind of internet comment that I find, frankly, one of the lowest forms of behavior. It is a lazy toxicity-primed mindset masquerading as intellectualism.

I don't put up with it and call it out.


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