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What do you want to bet that the Uber breach was made possible by someone storing secrets/creds in a text file on their desktop.

When the 11th Circuit ruling gets appealed to SCOTUS, whoever paid off Brett’s debts is going to be looking to recoup their investment for sure.

Man Americans sure do love police unions but god forbid we extend that security and blasphemous affordances like “sick days” and “time with your family” to other Americans.

Let’s instead force the rail companies to accept the Union offer.

Republicans: Let the states decide about abortion.
States: OK, we voted to keep it legal.
Republicans: Not like that!!

“One-time fines are priced in.”

Reminds me of how corporations want to put caps on compensatory damage claims to bake loss of life into their operational budget.


Twitter didn't fear US regulators, Zatko says. Twitter was "terrified" of French regulators because of the potential for far-reaching long-term penalties, but not the FTC because Twitter thought nothing of one-time fines. "One-time fines are priced in."


It reminds me of the “subway” guy from the show Community.

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Future Spam. Do you think TikTok is a sophisticated training data collection scheme for the world’s most accurate digital avatar generator? So much of our lives are online. Imagine if they had enough training data from trillions of videos (they do!). Imagine how much you can control narratives and exploit the masses when you can create clones of humans who do your bidding and are largely indistinguishable from a real human. Imagine the spam.

Been saying this ever since someone in their Tesla almost killed me turning through the crosswalk. All I saw was their face squinting at their car computer screen.


Touch screen UI’s in cars are going to kill someone. It forces me to look at the screen instead of the road. Physical knobs and sliders allowed you to use your sense of touch to replace your eyes.


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Went to listen to a Cherokee man speak about native plants and foraging. The best part of his talk:

"The longest journey you will take in your life is from here [points to head] to here [points to heart]."

We should learn to speak in a language that rich people who don't dream can't comprehend.

“You should be proud of your military service!”

The United States is #1 in child poverty. 🇺🇸

This month is the first month I've ever earned more from my Unity Asset Store sales than ebook sales! Nuts!

Just wait until The Lincoln Project goes private and starts offering this kind of marketing to SaaS startups.


This is the ad that pissed off Trump this morning.


Whenever I'm reading something that supports an argument for quantitative growth with "well if you search Google for X, there are Y results" that tells me a lot about when that person was born

Designing your own language for a specific problem domain is very rewarding—especially when it outperforms and is significantly less verbose than existing solutions.


it is actually okay and reasonable to make new programming languages because improving existing programming languages is hard!

for example, the compiler vendor known as GNU could not improve C, so they made a new programming language called GNU C. this is a fine thing to do


That is the kind of infrastructure objective and key result indicator that I am excited to see!


"Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced that the city would undertake a major expansion in the city’s network of separated bike lanes, with a goal to put 50 percent of the city’s population within a 3-minute walk of a protected bike lane within 3 years."


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