“We need more parking” but also ¾ of your _current_ customers don’t drive to your business.

Make it make sense.

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The op-ed in the Cambridge day cites the fact that 70% of business owners said that what they need to run their business is more parking. They even did the generous thing and linked the study! Literally *two pages later* in the materials is this, which shows a 25% drive-share.

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just two years ago she was elevated by the Boston press for leading the "Markeyverse" and now she's, uh, appearing on Chinese propaganda outlets condemning the USA and Taiwan twitter.com/CGTNOfficial/statu

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Right-wing stochastic terrorists like LibsofTikTok and Matt Walsh know the anti-abortion playbook and want to terrorize doctors and patients in places like Boston where transgender health care will never be banned by legislation.

They’re the modern day Operation Rescue. twitter.com/oneunderscore__/st

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Hey @katjballantyne@twitter.com, Lena is 100% correct, as are the replies here. We already don’t allow parking within 20 ft of crossings or intersections, but it’s not enforced or physically prevented.

There’s no reason to wait for our bicycle plan to be complete to make streets safer.

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I'm sorry, but none of this is in response to the crash, none of it is going to happen quickly, and none of it addresses the core problem that pervades our entire city: door zone bike lanes are incredibly unsafe and, in this case, were lethal. Quick build protected bike lane NOW!

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But it’s also insightful because it demonstrates that NIMBYs prefer simplistic inclusionary zoning (IZ) ordinances over those with a density bonus because the see the former as a way to halt any actual development while the latter would create new housing as intended.

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The @BostonGlobe@twitter.com article on housing in Revere is both infuriating and insightful.

It’s infuriating because it repeats baseless claims that new housing drives rising costs when all the research shows it has the opposite effect. Stop doing this. bostonglobe.com/2022/08/16/bus

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Just like “defunding the police” as a platform is much more about investing in social services as an alternative to modern policing, the whole “no more freeways” platform is about pointing out how desperately we need to invest in both transit and existing road maintenance twitter.com/t4america/status/1

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Today is officially the day that Joe Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act and I would like to make the case that it is a bigger deal than anything else that happened today, or this month, and possibly this year.

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If you haven’t heard @xeniarubinos@twitter.com’s latest _Una Rosa_ you should fix that: xeniarubinos.ffm.to/unarosa

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Part of the reason disabled folks seem so DESPERATE when we’re begging folks to get this pandemic under control is because we know what happens next is a more systematic extermination of the “burdens” on the overtaxed healthcare system. Don’t believe us? Take a look…

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Shame on the Massachusetts Senate, shame on the ACLU, and shame on any person who tries to valorize sexual abuse as free speech or dismiss it as an "emotional," harmless act.

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It doesn’t solve everything but building a ton more housing in cities makes so many of our problems just a little bit easier to tackle twitter.com/re_marketwatch/sta

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are you deconstructing the assumptions you make about gender? are you challenging the transphobia you see around you? yes you care about your trans loved one, but are you working towards building a better world for them?

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yes you support the trans person in your life by using their name and pronouns, but do you believe them? do you truly see them as they see themselves?

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One of the things that really gets in the way of much-needed safety, equity, & livability improvements is that we let ourselves be captured by analysis paralysis & aesthetic concerns of a minority of property owners.

We know how to make our streets nicer and safer!

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