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Three years since the beginning of my Ubuntu Animal Illustration Series. Everything started with the first Ubuntu release (20. October 2004), Warty Warthog. Since then I've illustrated all Ubuntu releases, 29 artworks so far.

Thank you, #Ubuntu for being awesome.

#art #illustration #mastoart

I wrote up some Opinions™ about iterating on the protocol and how we can continue improving it without sacrificing compatibility or fracturing the network: Comments welcome here or on the post.

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She ripped off her sleeves and the humble wrappings on her feet and they saw not a girl with chickenfeet but a harpy as beautiful and terrible as a falcon.

She flexed the wings she had been trained to hide and the talons she had been told to hate as her cry went on and tears came to her eyes.

'Please stop,' they begged her.

And as the shriek died in her throat, she realised that her difference was power and that she should never have given in to silence.

Her reign began that day.

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Kaniini, one of the lead developers of Pleroma, recently published a blog post called ActivityPub: The “Worse is Better” Approach to Federated Social Networking. It’s a critique of the security and safety of the ActivityPub protocol. They make some good points: ActivityPub doesn’t support fine-grained access control checks, e.g. I want someone to be able […] Show more

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@sean @kaniini @jalcine AP is popular because it's simple and it works. I absolutely agree the design isn't perfect because it does have some gaping holes, but as a protocol framework, it's really solid.

I say we build on that rather than lamenting the fact an imperfect idea is getting traction.

With all of these big brains floating around the fediverse, I know we can do better than 'this is bad, but I don't know the answer'.

This is such an opportunity to set a positive tone moving forward.

I discovered the library today. It's super impressive! It offers an extensible, elegant HTTP request handling model. I'm going to use it in my library. The library is shaping up really well - it's shaping up to be a full ActivityPub server that can be plugged directly into your existing application with minimal fuss, and extended to meet a broad range of needs.

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@mmn That and not everyone can just pick up stuff and just self host software. We as people who can gotta make it easier for others and that costs money, resources and time @Are0h

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@jdormit Great post - and I agree with the sentiment. The “switching costs” are perhaps the most challenging- people have built their whole connected network of people within the walled gardens of mainstream social networks. Rebuilding that elsewhere is a large amount of effort - that many (most?) people simply have no desire to do yet. It may be that we need to continue to chip away at barriers so that as more people have the desire, the path is easier for them to move.

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Harry Potter spinoff: the life and drama of Vernon Dursley, as he struggles with the tedium of working at a company that drills holes in sheet metal, and feels passing melancholy at the dreams he gave up to provide for his family.
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@jalcine The Internet's favorite answer: "It depends!" 😛

I'm mostly just considering a way to roll my own "Google Apps", but self-hosted and Free Software. Ideally, it'd be nice if onboarding for collaborators could be as painless and seamless as possible, where the creation of an email account creates a corresponding account in NextCloud and WordPress.

I'll have to play around with it.

Are you making a PHP/WordPress ActivityPub implementation? If so, would you be interested in collaborating on It's meant to be a library that takes care of the tricky bits of the ActivityPub protocol so that developers can make new federated applications quickly.

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If you're using Android on some phone or tablet and you're not using #fdroid yet, do yourself a favor and install it.

It's an alternative appstore with purely OSS software apps. Overall improved security and privacy on your mobile device (alternative apps for pretty much everything are available, with reduced tracking, no ads, no backdoors, reproducible builds, and so on).


Also follow @fdroidorg while you're at it.

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Instead of autoposting entries from, I installed a plugin to give it an ActivityPub stream: @blog (c/o @gregoryaveryweir). It's weird, I'm not sure it's working perfectly yet (the plugin is very, very new). I saw some HTML markup when I was on Mastodon in my browser a couple days ago, but it looks perfectly fine in Mastalab. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I'll boost from there instead of posting directly to my stream unless someone points out a significant issue.

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Jeremy Keith rounds up some of the digital ink spilled recently re: the end of #Edge.

I'm still holding out hope that we'll see mass adoption of another rendering engine, but I'm not sure how it'll happen (or who would be behind it). In thee meantime, I'm sticking with #Firefox.

#Browsers #WebDev
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@futureBoyfriend I found another font icon project with open web icons: OpenWeb Icons by He included the proposed #fediverse logo too.

V2/#ActivityPub PHP library update: implemented object persistence and RSA signature generation/verification. Now on to the bread and butter: an elegant API over the core AP interactions

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@deshipu actually CSS Grid makes it easy to make the kinds of grid layouts Vignelli helped popularize. Here’s Morten Rand-Hendriksen, the creator of CSS Grid, talking about what it can do:

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