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Wow, the Jena RDF tutorials are fantastic! I feel like I finally understand JSON-LD and why it is so fundamental to ActivityPub...

I've been looking into Jena! Unfortunately I am working under the constraint that it needs to run in a WordPress plugin, which means I really just get PHP and SQL (can't rely on clients to have third-party services set up). Jena looks great as inspiration for this project though

Ooh that's nice! Unfortunately I'm working with the rather broad constraint of "it needs to run in a WordPress plugin", so I think I'll need to implement something in PHP on top of sql (ick)

Spent several hours today watching Rich Hickey fix databases ( And now I'm implementing a Datomic-like immutable RDF store on top of SQL so that I can use it in ActivityPub-PHP... I think I've learned more about cool corners of computer science in the months I've been working on this project than I did during my whole CS degree!

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To honour #internatinalwomensday I'd like to take a moment to remember Carrie Fisher, who is and probably will continue to be a source of inspiration to me and many others. I miss you, princess 🌠👑✨ #mastoart #fanart #starwars #princessleia

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A tiefling paladin for a friend. Wanted to try and paint it like one of those Dragon Age Inquisition cards. #Tiefling #paladin #dnd #mastoart

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Ah, so I found which lays out the different specifications produced by the social web working group. Looks like they are independent but related specifications. Lots of reading to put on my list

Huh. So is there a relationship between IndieWeb and ActivityPub/Fediverse? Seems like two different takes on the same idea.

Implemented activity delivery for -PHP! Just need to put in inbox forwarding and write tests for both and the library will have a complete AP implementation! Still lots of work to do after that, but I'm really excited to reach that milestone.

That's super interesting! Looks like some inspiration/overlap with ActivityPub - are there MicroSub servers that can subscribe to AP feeds?

Sunset picnic with the fiance at a sanctuary in Brookline

This model also opens up a bunch of interesting possibilities - for example, there could be an option to configure actors on other servers as publication members, so that the blog actor boosts their posts as well even though they aren't users on the WordPress site (this is what you were getting at in your post, I think?)


Super insteresting post! The model you talked about, where the publication shares the posts of the individual contributors, is something I've been considering for the next version of Pterotype - each WordPress user gets their own Fediverse profile, with a customizable profile page etc., and the WordPress blog itself also gets its own actor. The site owner can configure the blog to share the blog posts of any of the individual users

Ah yes they definitely should. Putting that on the roadmap!

Pterotype gives you @blog[at], but the upcoming release will allow you customize that and give each WordPress user their own individual feed.
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Yeah that would work! With the caveat that it would only detect the new url the first time someone visited the page, but I imagine most people visit their new site pages after they publish...

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