I made a little thing using . Still trying to figure out the whole workflow but I'm pretty happy with how it came out


Just reached a big unifyDB milestone! I wrote the "real" storage backend (b-tree indices built on top of a key-value store interface) instead of the placeholder sorted-set implementation I was using for testing. So the database can now, you know, actually persist data. Very excited! 😄


I realized the other day that I basically only post about coding. I like other things too! Here's a video of me playing one of my favorite songs:


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A little something I just made for - a bit of code to visualize dependencies between tasks, milestones, etc.

Currently it handles basic TODO states (color) parent-child relationships and org-edna blockers (ID only).

Because I keep saying that tasks tend to form graphs, not trees or lists, and it's nice to have a way to encode and visualize it.

(I have many ideas where to take this further, but progress depends mostly on my own itches to scratch.)

How are you finding parinfer? I tried it for a while but just couldn't get used to it... I eventually switched to smartparens-mode and aggressive-indent-mode, which I found to be way more predictable and easier to work with.

I made a Firefox port of the Witchcraft userscript manager! I like it a lot better than Grease/Violent/Tampermonkey - you can use your favorite text editor to edit the scripts and they are just simple files on your filesystem.

My fork: github.com/jdormit/witchcraft
Original Chrome extension: github.com/luciopaiva/witchcra

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*finishes writing a b-tree insertion function*


*looks at how b-tree deletion works*


@chaz Ok, I think this is all starting to make sense. Thanks for your patient explanations 🙂

Definitely leaning towards AGPL now.

@plausible @chaz

This is a fantastic write-up. So, if I choose to license unifyDB under the AGPL, then:

- users who want to self-host the database on their own server for internal use will not need to open-source their code
- users who want to host the database on their own server and sell it as a service will need to contribute any changes they make back to the main project, and open source any supporting hosting software they use

Is that right? I think this is sounding like the right path to take...

I wanted to manage Homebrew from Emacs but couldn't find anything. So I wrote this super simple wrapper library: github.com/jdormit/homebrew.el

Visidata is *excellent*

The first tool I reach for to explore an unfamiliar dataset/database

That's fair - if you keep it at a lifestyle business level, there's plenty of space to grow without becoming a tempting target.

But I don't want anyone but me to be able to provide a hosted version 🙃

I realize that sounds... not great, but it's hard for me to see how to turn this into a viable business one day otherwise.

This is really helpful, thanks! Probably betraying my own ignorance here, but if I choose the AGPL then anyone who uses the AGPL-ed database would also need to AGPL their code, even if they are hosting the db themselves and accessing it over a network? I ask because I feel like it could limit adoption if the only way to self-host an instance is to open source your code.

Good context here, thanks! So I agree that the SSPL is not open source. I guess I just... don't think that's so bad? It seems like it is trying to find a compromise between releasing source code while preventing big tech from eating your lunch by offering their own hosted version of your software.


Hmm, that's almost... worse than I thought? At least, it sounds like it may not be the right fit for me. I really want people to be able to download the source code, modify it however they want, and host it themselves all for free, while restricting the ability to charge for a hosted service to just me. So the SSPL is not that?

@mariusor @clacke

Yeah, I guess there's kind of a fine line to walk between building a sustainable business while not getting big enough to attract the sharks...

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