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Here's what I painted on my stream earlier. Feels very noisy to me, but then it is a very noisy landscape...

#pixelart #landscape #Ireland #mastoart

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I made a thing

It's a implementation of the logic programming language from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. I'll probably do a blog post about it at some point when I have time...

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Ah yup Currently on my honeymoon so I haven't touched it in a bit, I'll be back in a few weeks and back to work though
@mariusor @dansup

Yeah I'm on vacation at the moment so work is a bit stalled, but is something like 80% complete. At the very leastaybe it would be helpful as a reference resource. @dansup

Getting stoked for Johhnyswim concert at House of Blues Boston!

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S.O and I were talking about it earlier. It's pretty impressive considering the multigenerational Van Damme split they had to do to make it engaging for both the original fans and their kids.

Detective Pikachu is a way better movie than it has any right to be. Like, shockingly good. String acting, strong writing, good story, cool effects. Not at all what I expected.

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roses are red
violets are blue
Status: :gh_closed_1::gh_closed_2::gh_closed_3:
can't reproduce

I'm currently rewriting the core of how Pterotype handles federation, so any docs would be soon outdated. The short answer is, it handles all AP object types right now but there are likely bugs. Once I'm done with the rewrite, I plan on testing federation with a bunch of other services including plume, so I will revisit this then

It's uh. A little too hard-core for my tastes

@cj @bhaugen
And the expansion algorithm also handles what you are talking about earlier in the thread, where "as:actor" expands to "" given an @ context of { "as": "" }

@cj @bhaugen
So I get context about what type of node each field represents just by doing the expansion algorithm, and can e.g. lazy-load the actor field because i know it's a Resource node and handle the published field as a DateTime object.

Does that cover the use case you are talking about?

Depends what you mean by "context processing". I'm just doing expansion/compaction, but expansion is smart to understand that e.g. `{"actor": "foo"}` should expand to `{"": [{"@ id": "foo"}]}` while `{"published": "theDate"}` should expand to {"": [{"@ type": "", "@ value": "theDate"}]}`.

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