Getting stoked for Johhnyswim concert at House of Blues Boston!

Sunset picnic with the fiance at a sanctuary in Brookline


Egg waffle and ice cream with red bean and boba 😍

This is a portrait made entirely from vanilla HTML and CSS - no SVG, no frameworks. It's crazy good.

1.2.8 syncs up Fediverse icons with WordPress avatars on blog comments:

I'm still looking for more beta testers: check out to sign up.

Followed by a peaceful dusk (looking across the Charles to Cambridge)

Weekend getaway in Vermont. We drank some whiskey at the Whistlepig Distillery tasting room, then hiked to Moss Glen Falls for some fall foliage. I think Vermont is more or less all about food, booze, and trees, which is basically my dream vacation.

Just got back from a trip to Grand Teton national park and Yellowstone. Some of the wildest, most beautiful places I've been to. There are still some things about this country that I'm proud of.

This is Tak. It's a new-ish game, but it feels timeless in the same way that chess does. Plus, it's from the Kingkiller Chronicles by Pat Rothfuss, which makes me very happy.

Deploying the Imperial Fleet to Mandalore in Star Wars: Rebellion

Watched the sunset with Nicole over the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. is a great city to live in.

This pond was covered in green algae, it was very surreal. This is the arboretum in Acton, MA where I grew up. Many happy memories here catching frogs 🐸

This is a diagram laying out the architecture of a generative music program.

The beginning of the pipeline is a data structure representing musical values - notes, rests, chords, etc.

The (perform) function transforms music values into performance values - a sequence of events with a duration, a volume, a pitch, and the other data necessary to represent the physical noises you hear in a performance.

The performance data can be turned into audio or MIDI signals to have the computer actually make noise.

Got a new board game, ! It's a dice placement with really pretty artwork. It's a lot of fun so far.

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