*takes a look at the current meta*

*sidles in* sooooo, who wants to help me work on my PHP activitypub server, eh

For real, though.

I have a PHP-based ActivityPub (micro)blogging service and platform I have begun work on. It is extremely early stages, because I do not have a high rate of code output, but I DO have good project organizational skills and structural design.

If you have interest or experience in PHP, CSS, or Regular Javascript and want to help make a modular, extensible alternative to Mastodon, hit me up. I would be happy to discuss my ideas and hear yours.


@InspectorCaracal Also I think @jdormit may be a good resource, since they worked on (I think it is PHP?).

Also tagging @dansup for their awareness.


Yeah I'm on vacation at the moment so work is a bit stalled, but github.com/pterotype-project/a is something like 80% complete. At the very leastaybe it would be helpful as a reference resource.
@InspectorCaracal @dansup

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