Spent several hours today watching Rich Hickey fix databases ( And now I'm implementing a Datomic-like immutable RDF store on top of SQL so that I can use it in ActivityPub-PHP... I think I've learned more about cool corners of computer science in the months I've been working on this project than I did during my whole CS degree!

@jdormit There's also Datascript, which you could use or re-implement on top of some other storage.

Ooh that's nice! Unfortunately I'm working with the rather broad constraint of "it needs to run in a WordPress plugin", so I think I'll need to implement something in PHP on top of sql (ick)

@jdormit if its rdf you're after, Apache Jena has an http interface

I've been looking into Jena! Unfortunately I am working under the constraint that it needs to run in a WordPress plugin, which means I really just get PHP and SQL (can't rely on clients to have third-party services set up). Jena looks great as inspiration for this project though

Wow, the Jena RDF tutorials are fantastic! I feel like I finally understand JSON-LD and why it is so fundamental to ActivityPub...

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