@cwebber Just listening to the Spritely/FOSDEM episode of @librelounge. How are thinking about encouraging implementations to adopt the protocol extensions you'll be developing/demoing? Are you concerned at all about the ecosystem fragmenting as some instances adopt incompatible versions of the protocol?

@jdormit @librelounge Hi! Yes, I am concerned about it. That's one reason I'm taking the documentation / demo approach as opposed to pushing an implementation that does things drastically different all at once... so the community can time time to talk about and consider the things I'm proposing. Does that make sense?

That seems reasonable, and I can't really think of a better way to do it - but I guess I'm still nervous about ending up in some world where half the Fediverse is on one version of AP and the other half is doings things in an incompatible way. Maybe having some sort of implementation report comparison could help here? That way at least we could keep track of who is implementing what

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