So it's sounds like we now have 2 #Wordpress plugins that use #ActivityPub to connect it to the #Fediverse.

That's cool but... what are the differences ?

Dear fediverse, do you have some feedback on your use of these plugins ?

(btw I'm still not able to configure #Pterotype with Nginx πŸ˜…)

ping @jdormit
@pfefferle, if you can explain to me the differences between your plugins, I'd appreciate πŸ™‚

Hey @Lapineige! I can't speak for @pfefferle , but Pterotype is eventually aiming to be more than just giving blog posts an ActivityPub stream. I want the plugin to be a full replacement for Mastodon - a place where you and other users on your WordPress instance can post blog posts, but also microblogs/toots, pictures, videos, etc.

It's still pretty far away from that - I have been slowly but steadily making progress on rewriting it since the first version has some deep-rooted technical problems

@jdormit @Lapineige when it comes to the different post types, I also want to support as many WordPress objects as possible, but I indeed do not want to replace Mastodon. The ActivityPub plugin is planned to share Objects with the Fediverse, but it is not possible to β€žconsumeβ€œ the activities of others... And it is not planned for the near future...

@pfefferle I tried pterotype a few months ago, I'm still not able to use it (config issue with Nginx).
I recently heard about your plugin…

And I asked you guys for some information because I don't know what to choose.
(and I still don't πŸ˜„)

There is no competition here πŸ˜‰

@pfefferle @jdormit

> There is no competition here πŸ˜‰

In fact, I also asked my question because I wanted to know if your 2 project were kind of targeting the same goal (=usage), -and it would have been interesting to join forces- or 2 different use cases.

And as you have different goals... both projects are good for the fediverse πŸ™‚


In terms of the nginx issue, it was that your blog was in a subfolder, right? So we were looking for a rewrite rule that would rewrite requests for "" to ""?

@jdormit something like that, indeed :)

I documented that in the github issue.

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