I discovered the library today. It's super impressive! It offers an extensible, elegant HTTP request handling model. I'm going to use it in my library. The library is shaping up really well - it's shaping up to be a full ActivityPub server that can be plugged directly into your existing application with minimal fuss, and extended to meet a broad range of needs.

@jdormit Why not make the library pretty bare-bones, maybe implementing some relevant PSRs, and leave the implementation up to the end user?

The project looks like it is already a composer library. You could make a new `activitypub-php-symfony` library that extends it that acts as a full server, while still allowing someone else to come along behind with a `activitypub-php-laravel/wordpress/cake/whatever` without needing to fork the library.

The problem is that outside of the web API and the persistence layer, there's not much left to implement. ActivityPub is really just a protocol that describes a particular type of web server. But it's flexible enough to fit into WordPress, Laravel, etc. - it's using Symfony internally, but the external API is basically just a handler function that you call when your server gets an AP request. It also happens to be a valid Symfony controller, but that's totally optional

In fact, my primary use case for the library is a WordPress plugin I'm writing.

@jdormit Fascinating. To be honest I didn't look into it much, but I will definitely play with it some tomorrow.
Would you happen to know if there is a forum or IRC channel to check out regarding details of the #ActivityPub standard? I found the article on it, but I have some questions about some edge cases.

Yeah! at Super helpful folks over there, I've gotten a lot of solid advice there.

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