Are you making a PHP/WordPress ActivityPub implementation? If so, would you be interested in collaborating on It's meant to be a library that takes care of the tricky bits of the ActivityPub protocol so that developers can make new federated applications quickly.

I'm not :-)

I am actually playing with Go, but making my existing currently-on-wordpress blog part of the fediverse would be neat.

I ran into Pterotype, it's interesting; does it integrate with @pfefferle 's suite of plugins (so, if I install his host-meta and webfinger plugin, will Pterotype switch its handlers off)?

No, it doesn't currently. It's in a transitional period right now - I'm rewriting a significant portion of it but don't have a ton of free time for the next couple of months, so the current version is unpolished and the new version is a ways off. Still, making some forward progress. I like the idea of an AP server written in Go - if you use SQLite to store the object graph you could ship a standalone binary, which would make self-hosting really easy.

@jdormit @ivan @pfefferle Would be interested in any improvements needed in go-fed v1 to make this happen

@cj @pfefferle @jdormit I'll get around to it, eventually, I promise!!!11 :)
I did, I can't recall what was broken :-)

I remember there was an issue with OStatus + Pleroma. And I think before trying Pterotype I tried the latest ActivityPub plugin, and that it didn't work.


Web interactions are hard to debug. I wish it were easier to log incoming and outgoing HTTP(S) requests on all sides (along with exact file and line that made the call), but alas, that is not meant to be. :-)

@ivan I implemented a lot of stuff over the last weeks, perhaps you want to give it a second try... BTW. it also works with all of my other plugins...

I'll be happy to! I'll let you know how it goes

@jdormit I am working on a WordPress site for open post-publication peer review. The peer reviews and comments by reviewers and the public will be edited by moderators.

Would such a moderation step be possible in ActivityPub?

I was thinking of using RSS to help readers find new comments, but ActivityPub would also have updates.

There would also be 5 types of comments. Is it possible to add that as metadata or could we just add it at the beginning of the message?

@VictorVenema Moderation is definitely possible in Pterotype via the native WordPress moderation tools - updating a comment as a mod sends an Update to the associated ActivityPub note as you would expect.

Different types of comment is an interesting problem. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to handle comments in Pterotype v2 - what's your use case for the multiple comment types?

@jdormit Thanks. That sounds good. When I find time I will implement it.

My site makes post-publication reviews. Everyone can make general comments (also anonymous, also authors themselves) on all or part of an article.

People can write reviews (grade the article, considers full article, not the authors, name at least known to the editors).

The editors write a synthesis of the reviews & articles.

People can submit related links (to translatons, blog posts, press articles, ...).

Also DMs.

You have a few options. If you didn't want to interoperate with Pterotype, I would recommend you implement all of those as custom post types ( However, it would be difficult to support custom post types in Pterotype, at least as I'm currently thinking about the implementation - so if you want maximum interoperability, you could just implement all of those as WP comments.

Your project sounds really interesting - is it open source?

The assessments (a page with title, citation, abstract, classifications, links, synthesis, reviews, comments) are a custom post type because of the change in the commenting system and to keep to option of adding a blog later.

Here is an example.

I used comment metadata to store the comment types. Do you mean you can also give comments a custom post type or were you thinking of a different system with one comment per page?

@jdormit Everything is open source and the comments are Creative Commons Attribution. Details:

The code is currently on my GitHub page.

A next task is to create an organization on GitHub and make this one of their projects. That way it is easier for others to join it.

Any help is appreciated. If you have time to add the connection to the fediverse ...

Haha I don't have time right now, but I think this is a really good use case for the ActivityPub library I'm writing. I can ping you when that's ready, still a few months away I would say

@jdormit Keep it in the back of your mind, so that it will work together.

I will probably see it here, but to be sure please ping me, also when you have an idea for the most elegant way to transmitting the comment types.

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