True or false: the JSON-LD spec doesn't differentiate between a key with a scalar value and a key whose value is a 1-item array?

@cwebber @kaniini

@cwebber @kaniini

e.g. { "items": "item1" } and { "items": [ "item1" ] } compact to the same representation ( { "items": "item1" } )

@jdormit @kaniini true on expansion, false on compaction

If you set {"@context": {"items": {"@container" : "@set", "@id": "..."}}} your context will *compact* to an array of one element, whereas otherwise it will be a single value, iirc. But on expansion, yes, in both cases it will expand to an array.

@jdormit @cwebber Note that I think the test suite at can't handle the array version of items when it expects 1 element. (go-fed has some inconclusive tests I think because of this, the "items" and "orderedItems" are always serialized to array form, even for 1 element.)

It definitely seems likely to trip up implementers.

@jdormit @cwebber Yep. I'm not sure how many implementations can handle multiple "object" and "target" values either, since they are non-functional

@jdormit Functional property == "can have at most 1 value". Nonfunctional property == "can have any number of values".

It comes from ActivityStreams building off the OWL2 spec.

So either section 4 in:

Or section 5.13 in:

Gah, there are so many layers to this. I guess the answer is, "pass everything through a JSON-LD library and hope it does the right thing"

@jdormit Yeah, I've only been into RDF as long as I've been into ActivityPub (~1 year) so I am still learning everything.

I still haven't fully read the OWL2 spec, I'd have to sit down with a notebook. It's one of those things I've only picked at pieces of.

@cj I have been into ActivityPub for ~3 months and I've never heard of OWL2 haha. I have read the ActivityStreams spec but I kind of skimmed the definition tables... 🙃

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