@cwebber Just listened to episode 1 of Libre Lounge. Really enjoyed it! Did you ever rememeber what that collaboration mode for Emacs is called?

@jdormit @cwebber

Have to check this podcast out! I tried to add it in Downcast but couldn't find it and manually adding didn't work. Doing it the old fashioned way :)

@cwebber @jdormit Maybe I didn't try hard enough, but I never got Rudel working...

@cwebber @bremner @jdormit I read that as "full closure" and briefly wondered what new Lisp magic you're talking about.

@liw @cwebber @jdormit A full closure includes not only the lexical environment, but also the full state of the biosphere

@bremner @cwebber @jdormit And I've not even touched Lisp since I left the company where I wrote my own. It's still the only Lisp I've used in anger.

@liw @bremner @jdormit what a shame! you're missing out on all your parentheses friends :)

@cwebber @liw @bremner

(let ((lisp "the Dark Side")
(the-good-stuff "cookies"))
(concatenate 'string "Come to " lisp ", we have " the-good-stuff "!"))

@jdormit @cwebber I have tried it on several occasions and neither my colleague nor I have been able to get it to work.
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