version 1.2.6 released! This release adds the ability to set a custom Fediverse name, description, and icon separate from the WordPress site identity. Up next: custom Fediverse username (so that not all Pterotype sites are @blog@<site name>).

As always, the roadmap is publicly viewable at

@tommasz 🎉 Let me know if you run into any issues or have any feedback!


This is looking fabulous! Any chance of there ever being #Pterotype for #Joomla?

@Blort I hadn't heard of Joomla before! There is definitely a chance, since I want to put as much of the web as possible into the Fediverse, but one thing at a time for now

@jdormit General website feedback: The light grey text on white background is extremely difficult to read. Needs more contrast.

@jdormit Maybe a version that's kind of like #disqus where any sites can add #fediverse comments to their pages regardless of their underlying tech?

@aran oh man, that is a super interesting idea. Plus it's a great candidate for an open source business, since you could have server be open source and charge people to host it for them if they don't want to self-host...

@jdormit would it be possible to (automatically) setup handlers like:

@[author] to follow an author
@[category] to follow a category and
@[tag] to follow a tag


@alexl yeah, that's a great idea. I'll put that on the roadmap

@alexl @jdormit First two are okay (in fact I think it shoulda be that way in the first place as per basic who@where logic of federated networks), but I would probably stop at tags. Because tags are just that, tags, a metainfo to make search easier. Mastodon handles tags too, as in hashtags, that can be observed with standard Mastodon tooling. Same thing with a lot of other social engines.

@drequivalent @jdormit I don't think WordPress uses tags as you described, they are more for topics and they are not hashtags. For example I want to follow articles about FOSS by a WordPress user but not other posts. And no, you shouldn't use WordPress' categories as a taxonomy for topics. If this is not possible in ActivityPub it should be added.

@alexl @jdormit

> they are not hashtags

How are hashtags not tags?

Hashtags is just a way to collapse tags into the message itself in order to not create a separate field.
ActivityPub has a separate field for them anyway, I suggest using that

(try curl -H "Accept: application/json" | jq and you'll see what I mean)

@drequivalent maybe you misunderstood, I said WordPress' tags are not like social media's hashtag. The point is being able to follow post from a certain author on WordPress using a certain tag, as we do with RSS. I wonder if ActivityPub specifies how to subscribe to an actor only for certain tags or is something it should be implemented by Mastodon and other social networks. For sure providing actor will work everywhere...

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