@triptych @jdormit Yeah! I think @mahemoff made a great point here... We're so conditioned to the venture capital world of startups nowadays that we intuitively think that new ventures have to make it big or go bust. But that's not the nature of the economic model behind the fediverse, which is sustainable while just happily ticking along :) mastodon.xyz/@mahemoff/1005770


@peter @triptych@mastodon.social @mahemoff Thanks for the shout out! 😊

I actually agree that the Fediverse is sustainable without needing to be competitive with the big players. The thing is, I think it has the potential to be so much more than just sustainable. It seems like the kind of technology that could make a profound difference in the way that we think about web content as a society - that's the kind of impact that will require mass adoption to achieve.

@jdormit @peter @triptych Yeah I don't mean to say it can't reach way bigger than "sustainable", just that any worldly ambition still has to have a sustainable trajectory, not just a sustainable endpoint. That's where most projects fail, whether open, federated, or commerical & centralised, but Mastodon seems more resilient to those forces.

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