I truly believe that (the protocol behind ) has the potential to redefine the way we create and connect on the internet. But to get there, we need to spread the word - a network is only as valuable as the people in it.

I want to get that ball rolling - I wrote a blog post about how ActivityPub is going to change the internet. Check it out here: jeremydormitzer.com/blog/what-. And please boost/share to your other networks so we can keep making the Fediverse bigger!

And of course, let me know your thoughts either here or in the post comments ūü§ď

@jdormit hey, Jeremy. I got from this that I can use my mastodon.social username to log in to other services like Peertube or Funkwhale?

Is that right? How would I do that?

@frandavid100 you can't log into those services with your Mastodon, but you can interact with them from Mastodon, e.g. @framasoft is a PeerTube account, and if you go to their account from Mastodon you can see the videos they posted, see the comments on them (as Mastodon replies) and reply to them yourself to comment on the video.

@jdormit @framasoft but, let's say I want to write toots and upload videos to Peertube. Do I need to have two different identities that people need to follow separately?

I was under that impression, but your post gave me hope that I was wrong.

@frandavid100 @framasoft ah yeah that is currently true, I think because PeerTube videos need to be uploaded to the PeerTube server and that can only be done through the PeerTube web app.

I should update that part of my post to make it clearer.

That being said, there's no reason that we couldn't have greater interoperability between ActivityPub apps - the spec supports it. It would require a lot of coordination between the projects though.

@jdormit @framasoft would it be technically possible to create some kind of federated identity service?

Kind of a way for me to have one single profile that points to all my other accounts, where friends can follow me once to get all my content?


@frandavid100 @framasoft The ActivityPub spec definitely supports this - users are represented as Actors that have a single endpoint you can hit to get all of their content. The problem is that each ActivityPub service has a different authentication model, so clients of this ActivityPub identity thing would need to know how to authenticate the way the host server wants it to.

This is actually something I'm trying to implement for my ActivityPub Wordpress plugin - hopefully that won't be too hard.

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