I truly believe that (the protocol behind ) has the potential to redefine the way we create and connect on the internet. But to get there, we need to spread the word - a network is only as valuable as the people in it.

I want to get that ball rolling - I wrote a blog post about how ActivityPub is going to change the internet. Check it out here: jeremydormitzer.com/blog/what-. And please boost/share to your other networks so we can keep making the Fediverse bigger!

@jdormit thanks for writing this up! Good intro story, for myself I miss only more clear distinction between #ActivityPub and Mastodon features/extensions. But this is irrelevant to the target audience. I wish the thoughts @fluffy made were more widely discussed. In the long term coaxing interactions into a couple of verbs may be very limiting. Somehow I feel #OStatus suite gave us more room for experimentation. And the UI discussion is big (too few chars!)

@saper Yeah @fluffy made some really important points (still formulating a response to their last comment, ha). AP definitely seems aimed at a pretty limited subset of online interactions, but for those use cases (blogging and social, basically) I think it still has huge potential. I don't disagree that other protocols could also fill that role, FWIW.

@jdormit @fluffy I haven't checked the discussion history in the w3c social group, but I presume atom must have been considered as an "upgrade" from RSS-based OStatus. Regarding the UI problem I presume Alan Kay would have said that each data tape should start with a program to interpret them.
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