I've been thinking about an implementation for . My idea supports:

- publishing blog posts and comments to ActivityPub-compliant servers, letting users follow/reply to/share/like these via other compliant services
- @-mentioning other ActivtyPub actors (e.g. Mastodon users) in posts and comments
- commenting on posts from Mastodon or other ActivityPub services

I've written up some technical notes at I'd appreciate feedback, so please comment there!

cc @Gargron, any insight you have here from building Mastodon would be welcome 😀

@nortix yup, just like that except implementing ActivityPub rather than OStatus

@pfefferle is on the same topic.
My blog got on Mastodon with his Ostatus-plugins

@kaffeeringe @pfefferle I know about those although I haven't looked at their implementation. ActivityPub has deprecated OStatus though, hasn't it?

@jdormit @kaffeeringe I wouldn‘t say #ActivityPub deprecated #OSatus, because as far as I know, #mastodon is currently the only service that use #ActivityPub... the rest of the fediverse still uses OStatus (, friendica, ...)

@jdormit @dansup has been getting AP federation going on his #pixelfed project so maybe in his current PHP+ActivityPub state of mind he could help with such a plugin...

@Matthias Pfefferle There are a few already in #ActivityPub like #Misskey is exclusively using it. There is #Hubzilla of course, #WriteAs #PeerTube

There's a tracker here:

It also lists which other platforms are working on AP support, like #diaspora

Sadly, #pumpio and #gnusocial are both far from it (considering how these two projects used to be the baby of the man behind ActivityPub). Pumpio doesn't even support #OStatus
@jdormit In order to test your plugin, there should be at least one server that supports client-to-server part of the #ActivityPub protocol. Do you know any? (I also want to make my #AndStatus an ActivityPub client)

@andstatus I haven't given it much thought yet. I know that has a test suite, but I don't know much about it

@jpfox I've heard of it, but haven't tried it out yet. That's a good suggestion, thanks!

@jpfox yeah, I've been chatting with @pfefferle. We decided to keep our development separate for now, but are going to stay in touch about collaborating or code sharing in the future.

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