I'm thinking about building an plugin for . Does anyone know if something like that already exists? Is anyone else interested in that?

@jdormit Ya know what we really need in a Wordpress plugin? The ability to use Mastodon for commenting.

@ExchangeTips that's what an ActivityPub plugin would give us 😊

My (very early-stage) thought is to have posts from Wordpress go into an ActivityPub outbox so it would show up as a Mastodon post in the linked account. Then comments on the WP post would also post to Mastodon if the commenter linked their account, and replies in Mastodon to the post would show up on the WP post.

@jdormit Awesome! (Sorry, I'm not familiar with ActivityPub and it's my first day on Mastodon.)

@ExchangeTips no need to apologize! It is actually my first day as well, but I've been following the ActivityPub/Mastodon stuff for a while now.

If you're interested in learning more about how Mastodon works under the hood, the w3c has pretty good overview of ActivityPub:

@jdormit @pfefferle is/was working on one. they built the previous incarnation which was an #ostatus plugin for wordpress which is the precursor to #activitypub

@wakest @pfefferle

Very cool! I would love to connect about how it worked at some point. I don't know the specifics of OStatus, does it have much overlap with ActivityPub?

@jdormit @pfefferle yes. it has a ton of overlap. ostatus is like the older dirty sibling of activitypub.

@wakest @jdormit still working on it... currently I am optimizing the activitystreams plugin, to be more mastodon/activitypub compatible

@jdormit @wakest yes, for now... Perhaps I will create a github Organisation for it...

@kaffeeringe @pfefferle the vision you have in that blog post is exactly what gets me excited about ActivityPub - WordPress users as Fediverse actors means every WordPress site becomes a node in the federated network.

@jdormit @kaffeeringe The OStatus plugin for WordPress is exacly doing this, supports also replies and it is compatible to mastodon,, and friendica. I still have the plan to work on ActivityPub, but it is a very mastodon specific implementation and I it is a lot of try and error...

@jdormit @pfefferle @kaffeeringe
> WordPress site becomes a node in the federated network.
AP plugin would not be mandatory, so...

@Skoll3 @pfefferle @kaffeeringe Fair enough. Not every Wordpress site, just the ones that install the plugin.

@jdormit I'm interested! ActivityPub for Wordpress would be all kinds of awesome.

@tagomago I didn't! I really like running my site with Wordpress though, I'm not sure I want to switch to a new CMS.

@tagomago it seems like a really cool project, I love the idea of a federated blog network

@jdormit is working on federation right now, but having multiple ways to federate can only be a good thing so

@jdormit Interesting. I'm curious about use cases or features you have in mind.

@icaria36 I see a bunch of benefits to federating WP via ActivityPub. From a consumer point of view, it becomes really simple to follow and aggregate content - instead of signing up for an email subscription or hoping that the site has RSS enabled, you can follow their ActivityPub outbox and their posts will show up in apps like Mastodon. Plus, commenting becomes the same as posting any other ActivityPub message, so you can do that from the ActivityPub app or client of your choice.

@icaria36 From a site owner point of view, putting your content into an ActivityPub network means that people can share and follow your work seamlessly. This gives you much greater reach and organic growth potential - you can get in front of an audience where they line to hang out (Mastodon) instead of putting them through the additional hurdle of discovering and navigating to your site.

@icaria36 There are also some really interesting implications of a federated WP server - you could have authors from other WP sites write posts for your blog, you could follow or comment on other sites as your site, you could write a blog post that replies to another blog post and actually shows up in a thread with the original post, etc.

@icaria36 As for why WordPress - it runs half the internet! Making a one-click install plugin that puts a WP server onto ActivityPub has the potential to dramatically increase mindshare and usage of Mastodon, PeerTube, and other ActivityPub apps.

@jdormit @icaria36 would really love to see more progress in this direction. We did some work suggesting #Ghost implement #ActivityPub too a while ago:

And thinking about how activitypub could kickstart social blogging again would be really exciting. The ability to 'tag' activitypub people in any article you are writing on any CMS you might want to use and have them all be notified and be able to respond is really powerful to think about.

@wakest @icaria36 yeah, that's a super cool idea! Federating via a protocol means no platform lock-in.

@jdormit @wakest @icaria36 I've been thinking about this a lot -- if consumer blogging software went AP compliant it could make AP social networks significantly closer to the beloved Google Reader social model at its zenith, of course without the megacorp calling the shots

@darius @jdormit @icaria36 I have been thinking a good place to start in terms of converging of "mainstream" social networks it so convince tumblr to implement some sort of #ActivityPub ability since they are already sort of internally federated in terms of being able to reblog stuff from custom domain to other custom domain.

@wakest @jdormit @icaria36 haha that would involve convincing tumblr to do anything but run in forever-maintenance-mode

@bamfic @icaria36 @jdormit @darius

not sure if you noticed the timestamp on this but I posted in over a year ago. since then Tumblr has been bought by Automattic and has been announced they will open source it. They are planning on integrating it with Wordpress.

@jdormit Thank you for the explanation. I am a WP admin and also a Mastodon admin, I see your point and I alsoe see that you have been thinking quite a bit. This feature set sounds very interesting.

@wakest mentions in blog posts sending ping notifications, wow!

On a similar not, I am also a Discourse admin, and I have been thinking as well abou the possibilities of mixing discussions forums with the Fediverse via ActivityPub.


I am instantly reminded of a story told by a Growth Hacking book about Facebook: the site really took off when they allowed people to show their Facebook profiles on their blogs with a convenient widget.
@jdormit @icaria36

@jdormit There was someone who requested it in the Wordpress forums and was told something like "it's the same as OStatus plugin, use that".

I for one is very interested (and waiting). If it would help, probably work with the other plugin authors, here are what's currently available for WP as far as IndieWeb and Federation is concerned.

1. OStatus
2. WebSub
3. Salmon
4. hostmeta
5. Webfinger
6. ActivityStream
7. Webmention
8. SyndicationLinks
9. IndieWeb
10. SemanticLinkbacks
11. Micropub
12. PostKinds
13. Microformats2
14. wellknown
15. OpenID
16. XRDS
17. GNUsocial autopost
18. Mastodon autopost

One, two, maybe even three authors above would probably help get an ActivityPub plugin out. There are overlaps in many areas between IndieWeb and the Fediverse.

@yuki Awesome list, thanks! I'll definitely take a look at these and reach out to maintainers when I pursue federating WP.

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