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multilingual monospace font 

Sarasa Gothic Mono
a.k.a. 更纱黑体 更紗黑體 更紗ゴシック 사라사고딕
> Sarasa Gothic Mono is a typeface designed for the multilingual programmer in mind. Born from the seamless union of Source Han Sans and Iosevka, it fills a niche in the world of sterotypically limited, boring monospace type.

Not much to it but I feel like there's a song here somewhere.

I made a little thing using . Still trying to figure out the whole workflow but I'm pretty happy with how it came out

Just reached a big unifyDB milestone! I wrote the "real" storage backend (b-tree indices built on top of a key-value store interface) instead of the placeholder sorted-set implementation I was using for testing. So the database can now, you know, actually persist data. Very excited! 😄

I realized the other day that I basically only post about coding. I like other things too! Here's a video of me playing one of my favorite songs:

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A little something I just made for - a bit of code to visualize dependencies between tasks, milestones, etc.

Currently it handles basic TODO states (color) parent-child relationships and org-edna blockers (ID only).

Because I keep saying that tasks tend to form graphs, not trees or lists, and it's nice to have a way to encode and visualize it.

(I have many ideas where to take this further, but progress depends mostly on my own itches to scratch.)

I made a Firefox port of the Witchcraft userscript manager! I like it a lot better than Grease/Violent/Tampermonkey - you can use your favorite text editor to edit the scripts and they are just simple files on your filesystem.

My fork:
Original Chrome extension:

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*finishes writing a b-tree insertion function*


*looks at how b-tree deletion works*


I wanted to manage Homebrew from Emacs but couldn't find anything. So I wrote this super simple wrapper library:

So... What are your thoughts on the SSPL? I know there was a ton of controversy when MongoDB adopted it and tried to claim it was open source, but I don't really see anything wrong with a "source-available, charge for hosting" model. I'd like to make a business out of my database at some point, and I don't think there's a market for proprietary general purpose dbs.

So the SSPL. Evil? Or a good compromise between source availability and business potential?

Runs the function that calls some code: program hangs, have to ctrl-c.

Runs literally the same code manually in a REPL: works fine, no issues.


And to be clear I am still super excited about ActivityPub and the Fediverse! There's definitely a future where I do more ActivityPub projects. Just not right now - first I gotta see where this database thing takes me.

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So it's been a while since I've been on the Fediverse. I stopped working on Pterotype - some combination of burnout, not managing expectations and getting really tired of writing PHP. And I was embarrassed about that. I had spent so much time talking up the projec that it felt like it had just become my Fediverse identity.

So that's that. But I'm going to give it another shot. I'm not working on Pterotype anymore! I've moved on to something new: I'm building a database! Intro here:

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Here's what I painted on my stream earlier. Feels very noisy to me, but then it is a very noisy landscape...

#pixelart #landscape #Ireland #mastoart

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