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@deshipu actually CSS Grid makes it easy to make the kinds of grid layouts Vignelli helped popularize. Here’s Morten Rand-Hendriksen, the creator of CSS Grid, talking about what it can do:

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A sheet for my favorite npc from our campaign. :think_starry_eyes:​ I just love her so much aaaaa #motw #mastoart

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This is a portrait made entirely from vanilla HTML and CSS - no SVG, no frameworks. It's crazy good.

Cons to the generic server approach:

- I don't want to let down the folks who have already invested their time and energy into the WordPress plugin
- the ActivityPub domain wouldn't necessarily match the content domain, e.g. if I have a WordPress instance at and installed a client, the AP actor associated with my blog would live at the domain of the AP server instead of
- users would have to either self-host the AP server or find a person or service to host it for them

The pros to the generic server approach:

- one identity for all your content via many different client apps (one similar to Mastodon, one a WordPress plugin, one a Hugo plugin, etc.)
- much easier to debug a system where there is only one correct way to host it, as opposed to trying to build an AP server on top of WordPress which can be hosted in a million different ways
- By implement ActivityPub C2S, existing clients can use the new server really easily

I'm wondering if I made the wrong thing with , and I'd love some feedback.

The problem I was trying to solve was how to put WordPress content on the Fediverse, but more generally I want to put all sorts of content on the Fediverse.

I'm starting to feel like the best way to achieve that would be by making a generic client & server implementation, rather than a WordPress-specific server. Then the WordPress plugin could just be a client to the server implementation.

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2D animation with Blender is too much fun

Wrong season for it, but have a rough melty boi

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Hey y'all!

I'm looking for candidates / leads on someone to help me with branding. Largely picking the following:

* brand type
* logo design
* marketing material

Reach out to me at

| |

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I trained a neural network on 1,228 types of cookies and apparently these are what cookies sound like to it.

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I'm elsewhere in the #fediverse too, by the way: @blog is my weblog posting its content here more or less regularly, powered by #pterotype plugin (thanks to @jdormit for the great work on that).

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@Alamantus I've been helping beta-test @jdormit 's #Pterotype plugin for WordPress, which enables both following from the fediverse and sending replies back as comments. Not exactly what you're asking for, but close.

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hot take about business and making money on the fediverse Show more

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i started a new illustration series called illustra. here are the first two

Implemented querying for my library - it supports recursive querying for arbitrary fields, e.g. "find all the Notes that are attributed to Actors with the URL "". Next up, updating and deleting objects in the ActivityStreams graph. Then on to signing and verification, server-to-server delivery and a friendly API tying it all together.

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"retina screens" sound a lot more body horror than they are

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