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Hey, you wanna see an ugly-ass shell script to munge Flickr JSON data into Flickr-exported image EXIF tags?

for jsonfn in ./lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-metadata/photo_*.json; do
photonum=$(echo $jsonfn | cut -d_ -f2 | cut -d. -f1);
photofn=$(ls -1 ./lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-orig/*${photonum}* | head -1);
exiftool -m \
-o lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-tagged \
-tagsfromfile $jsonfn \
"-DateTimeDigitized<Date_imported" "-DateTimeOriginal<Date_taken" "-ImageDescription<Description" "-DocumentName<Name" \

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2022. and the text editor wars are moving toward a Mad Max situation

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Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

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It’s easy to forget there are still great places and people on the internet. Thanks for reminding me, #fediverse :mastodon:

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... and demands to know why it can see the bottom of its food bowl 😄

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Ich lese gerade:

Machiavelli - Discorsi
Graham Allison - Destined for War
David Graeber - Bullshit Jobs

Mich interessiert daran besonders, wie sich die Bedingungen wie ich sie derzeitig erlebe institutionalisiert haben, weil ich hoffe, durch Studium der Geschichte Auswege aus der vertrackten Situation zu finden.

Discorsi gilt als Begründung des modernen Begriffes von Staat und Staatlichkeit, gerade auch mit militärischer Konnotation;

#SoWi #Leserunde @Vorinstanz @CaritasSH


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Why GPL? "Using the GNU GPL will require that all the released improved versions be free software. This means you can avoid the risk of having to compete with a proprietary modified version of your own work." More at u.fsf.org/3kr

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masto/fedi advice for artists 

one thing that is different here than commercial places you might be used to is that metrics doesn't matter. interactions do.

boost other people's work (or reply to them) engage in meaningful conversations.

the less you treat this place as a broadcast medium and more as a communication platform, the more you will enjoy the fediverse.

hope this helps

#fediTips #mastodon #pixelfed

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If someone from 2005 were transported to the present, they would find it completely absurd that handheld computers are expected to last only a couple of years while desktop computers still last a decade (with repairs, of course).

Whether GNU/Linux phones become mainstream or not, I hope they will at least help establish the idea that smartphones can also be long-lasting devices.

#LinuxPhone #Smartphone

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#mastodonTips First post ideas for new users (to avoid the dreaded empty timeline)

#introduction post. who are you, what are your interests, skills.

a portfolio of 4 images of your art, photography with #mastoArt or #creativeToots tags

tell us about your creations: books, music, a dyi projects, feature the #FLOSS project you are contributing to, your research

posts about your garden/plants; a game, a tv show or a book you loved. (with cw for spoilers of course)

Welcome to #mastodon. :)

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Come check our stand at Berlaymont building in Brussels, let’s exchange views on the EDPS pilot project on the fediverse

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Hahahaha, holy fucking shit. They would rather destroy their own profits than work with unions. Which they claim will destroy their profits.


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Hi everyone, nice to meet you! Going to try to be a regular here too as things shake out from the bird site. I’m still figuring things out, trying to find everyone, etc.

For those new to me, I’m an artist that uses modern code and vintage pen plotters to create artwork. I have a web shop setup at shop.paulrickards.com if you’d like to browse.

I also collect and repair vintage computers and other gear— Commodore, Apple, Atari, etc. and share repair sessions to help others.

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