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jbum boosted is such a wonderful place. Everyone and their cat has a personal webpage, and they should! Bring back the individual owned internet!


I solved today's Redactle (#37) in 64 guesses with an accuracy of 65.63%. Played at

Fun with scammers (nsfw) 

Any suggestions for how I should reply next?

All multiple choice polls should include OTHER.

Do you agree?

Mild criticism 

I think some of you are going kinda overboard with the content warnings.

Redactle results 

I solved today's Redactle (#33) in 267 guesses with an accuracy of 53.18%. Played at

My worst game yet (out of 4). I deduced the general category of the topic quite early, but a few 0 results on singular word forms (without checking for plurals) really threw me off. My accuracy significantly declined after about 100 guesses.

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Still trying to figure out how Strongbad typed all those emails wearing boxing gloves…

If you like this game, you also might like semantle, which also takes a lot of guesses.

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I am very much enjoying Redactle, another daily word game, which I heard about from Mattea on Jeopardy. This has replaced Dordle, Quordle, Octordle and Secordle in my daily puzzle routine.

The object is to guess the topic of a randomly selected Wikipedia article whose words have been mostly redacted. You guess words one at a time, and if they appear in the article, they are unblocked.

My first two games took me 100-200 guesses to solve.

Second Guessing, a man-on-the-street feature from The New York Age. Dated language.

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The New York Age was an African-American newspaper that ran from the late 19th century thru 1960. Stumbled across it on while browsing ads for New York jazz nightlife in 1960. I can browse for hours.

One of the technicians for this show was Kenneth Strickfaden, who later went on to supply the electric "mad scientist" effects for movies like "Frankenstein".

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Willard's Temple of Music, an early 20th century traveling show that featured exotic and automatic instruments.

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