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@Em0nM4stodon I don’t have the budget to do comparisons, and the market changes quickly, but I like the one I got from System76.


A joyless slog that made me miss Redactle.

Whoopee cushion history 

I honestly thought a prankster had invented this history, but it appears to be true.


Got close really quickly, then stuck in a local maxima, as usual.

I solved Semantle #105 in 76 guesses with 1 hint. My first guess had a similarity of 14.84. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #4. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 52.70 (997/1000).

jbum boosted is such a wonderful place. Everyone and their cat has a personal webpage, and they should! Bring back the individual owned internet!


I solved today's Redactle (#37) in 64 guesses with an accuracy of 65.63%. Played at

@jk as of late (on work Slack in particular) I have been trying to resist the urge to fix a typo if it doesn’t seriously affect the readability of the utterance. We are all human, it’s okay to let it show.

@tomasekeli Runs the risk of being abused for annoying slow cross-fades and wipes. We can provide the tools, but we cannot provide taste.

Fun with scammers (nsfw) 

Any suggestions for how I should reply next?

redactle #35 

@LucasWerkmeister It sounds like you are taking your time on it. I just start slinging out words willy nilly, which probably isn't helping. All the cardinal directions, all the numbers from one-ten, etc.

All multiple choice polls should include OTHER.

Do you agree?

redactle #35 

@LucasWerkmeister teach me your arcane ways. I got it in 65 and felt lucky.

Mild criticism 

I think some of you are going kinda overboard with the content warnings.

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