Although after several days, I gotta say Redactle is much, much more satisfying than Semantle (and involves far less luck).

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Three redactle tips 

Redactle Tip #1: You are not being scored on speed so take… your… time. Rushing will only pad your guess count and lower your accuracy.

Redactle Tip #2: Avoid specific guesses that rule out just one thing. More general words that have additional matches are better (e.g. if you suspect it’s a bird, “eggs” is better than “bird”).

Redactle Tip #3: Count the blanks on the topic, and the key words in the header. This will rule out a lot of possibilities.

Redactle #43 

I solved today's Redactle (#43) in 73 guesses with an accuracy of 68.49%. Played at

Lesson learned: count the lengths of the censored words, they are meaningful, and can help rule out bad guesses.


A joyless slog that made me miss Redactle.

Whoopee cushion history 

I honestly thought a prankster had invented this history, but it appears to be true.


Got close really quickly, then stuck in a local maxima, as usual.

I solved Semantle #105 in 76 guesses with 1 hint. My first guess had a similarity of 14.84. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #4. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 52.70 (997/1000).

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