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Writing regular expressions that actually work is one of the most satisfying things.

Spotify showing me the top 100 songs of my year is really an insight into the sheer amount of Folk Metal I listen to.

What I wouldn't give to have a kettle that produced water only from the spout instead of literally every orifice it mysteriously has.

There must be a word to describe that feeling of disconnect from your current job before moving to a new job, what would it be?

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Probably the most important bit of trivia you new people would find useful is that you can use Mastodon from various apps!

Android, iOS, desktop, even alternative web clients that look differently!

Find an app here:

There's nothing more secretly satisfying than adding ASCII art to a project you know will likely not be noticed, but will be used by a stupid number of people.

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Finally first of advent. That great time of the year where reggae Christmas, metal Christmas and everything in between are playing in our home. Recommendations welcome for the 'anything in between' playlists!

Today at work, to me: "Maybe we can have you merge the changes into the master branch tomorrow now that it all works". Nice try.

It hurts so much to see people treating Dockerfiles as a VM setup. Sure, let's shove all our requirements into a single file and ignore that whole microservices deal.

It is finally cold enough to bring out the wooly socks and layers. Also the time when beards frost over without much intervention.

Tonight I was pleasantly surprised with a whole array of Hashiconf 2018 videos to go alongside my new found obsession of their products. 3 hours, 2 beers and a few too many Terraform plans later..

Tonight I had great fun messing with a cluster of Nomad, Consul and containers. Hashicorp do some incredible things. Going from zero to proof of concept in just over an hour makes me happy.

Browsing makes me feel like I am missing out by not running BSD anywhere. Every other post is FreeBSD or OpenBSD related.

Black Sabbath is the best band ever. Change my mind.

Temporary containers in Firefox is exactly what I have been looking for after they released the multi-site container addon. TL;DR use both if you are concerned about having your activities tracked across websites (adverts based on browsing habits for example).

Tonight I have been reading about Nomad, and I already prefer it to Kubernetes.

Realised that the EQ had been disabled on my phone. Turned it back on and I feel like I've got new ears!

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if someone sends you an email you don't want you should be able to send it back

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