People that cover webcams with stickers and such. Good thinking, but do you do the same to your phones? If so, why or why not?

@jbjorkang It would be more interesting to know why nobody try cover microphones on laptops?

@jbjorkang it was relatively easy to do on old laptops. After switching to new MacBook I’m not even sure where microphone is. I started using MicroSnitch to detect apps that activate microphone. It shows notification every time something try to use microphone.

I don't cover up the camera on my laptop but phones have a more granular permission management and not all apps have the camera permission. Plus it's way more inconvenient to cover the camera on phones

@jbjorkang Because I use that camera more often (it would be annoying to remove), because I trust my iPhone security slightly more than my Windows desktop, and because it would make my phone less pretty :)

@ashenaardvark trust it only slightly more? I wondered about disabling the drivers instead of having a sticker..

@jbjorkang I don't cover things on my Linux machines, but I cover basically everything on my work laptop (Windows) and I was given a work iPhone for a bit and covered everything on that too. Looking forward to the though when if I don't want the camera or microphone to do anything I can just flick a switch rather than have to put stickers on things.

@OTheB I've heard a lot of nice things about that phone. Do you think it will replace the other phones on the market?

@jbjorkang I don't expect it to replace many phones from users that are mroe after brands than a good phone (see most consumers), but I feel it'll probably make a dent in the group that tend to root Andraid phones and put different Android flavours on it. If it manages to get enough users to sustain it and let it keep growing (even slowly) then I'd be more than happy.

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