Yesterday I switched to Bitwarden as a password manager, and I cannot say how exciting it is to be able to use a Terminal to retrieve my credentials. Gotta love being given a JSON response to parse with jq!

Putting a space in front of your Linux commands when SSHing into a box so your coworkers can't see your stupidity in the history is totally not something I would do.

I bought a Nintendo Switch last week and it has been so much fun playing new games! Any recommendations on fun ones to try?

Yesterday in the office kitchen I reduced 3 milk cartons to 1 with one of the developers present. We joked that I was doing a 3-way git merge. We snorted and sniggered and I think this is what telling dad jokes feels like.

A huge part of my workplace work with embedded C, and I've finally used this as an excuse to start learning it. Kernighan & Ritchie write so well in their book!

Squashing commits with git is so satisfying.

Today I demonstrated Puppet to my team and how I'm using it to look after our infra. So nice to share what I'm doing and have proper feedback between developers, testers and ops.

I see a lot of people that use private browsing on the phones, and always wonder if they realise that it only impacts the local history.

People that cover webcams with stickers and such. Good thinking, but do you do the same to your phones? If so, why or why not?

Here's a tip or 3 for all you 'DevOps', SRE, Ops, Infra folk:
- update your shit
- reboot your shit
- don't recreate the wheel just for your shit
- document the shit
- automate your shit
- share knowledge about your shit
- git that shit

Biggest frustration right now is people calling git repos 'gits'. No. Simply no.

Feel like I've taken a bit of a hiatus from Mastodon and Twitter. Don't worry though. I'm still here, just lurking in the background.

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Grandma, you really should compile your own operating system from scratch and secure everything against even the most complex attacks and stop using Facebook to talk to your family, you want freedom don't you?

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It's my birthday can I get more people to use Mastodon or whatever

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Just watched Bandersnatch and I'm not sure I'll be able to continue surviving.

I really enjoy having family around at Christmas. I also really enjoy knowing that tomorrow I can curl up into a ball and read, be antisocial and speak very little. Whilst not knowing what day of the week it is, of course.

On one hand I'm a big privacy nut. On the other I wholeheartedly back the notion that the world is basically ending because of climate change and we are worried that Google might know where we are.

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